MCPP 2023 Finalists

Name Artwork Title
Alex Walker Manual Exposure, 2022
Anna Carey Crystal Mystery, 2022
Annabelle McEwen Self Scan B (photogrammetry), 2023
Arrayah Loynd I don't always understand/selectively mute (diptych), 2022
Ben Kelly Dimension, 2022
Chris Bowes Dip/Dunk #1, 2023
Chris Bowes Sun Kissed, 2023
Chris Byrnes also known on insta as lady_camera_obscura Beyond the Photogram Chasing Alison No 1 Dawn Light, 2022
Damian Dillon Bourgeois Cha Cha #7, 2023
Dave Carswell Flocculation #2, 2023
Holly Schulte Swell (37), 2023
Jacinta Giles For the Birds?, 2022
Jenny Pollak Free Fall, 2022
Jess Leonard I Knew At The Time, 2023
Judith Nangala Crispin A flying saucer over Clyde Mountain, shows Declan, dead at two hours old, how to make a new body out of light., 2023
Katrina Crook Untitled#1 (In Silence), 2022
Kelly Marie Slater Landshapes: Pass between Needles, 2023
Kenneth Lambert Burden of Proof (Data Portrait of Magdalene), 2023
Kim Percy Sway, 2022
Marcus O'Donnell (De)Composition - a dark ecology, 2023
Matthew Schiavello Under the Sea, 2023
Melanie Cobham The Colony Reclaims the Land #2, 2022
Nicholas Hubicki Vitichiton (the end of the forests), 2023
Nikky Morgan-Smith index, 2022
Peter Rossi Unchopping A Tree, 2023
Regina Piroska I Followed A Worm (accordian book), 2023
Stephen Blanch The Acrobat and the Flea (Flood Loss, Lismore 2022), 2023
Tebani Slade Of me in the landscape, 2023
Wouter Van de Voorde Uncontrolled, 2021
Yianni Maggacis The Good Room XII, 2023