Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique

The Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP), translated to English as the International Federation of Photographic Art, is an international organisation, which affiliates as operational members, the national associations of photography. FIAP affiliates around 100 national associations in the five continents as Operational Members and counts around  two million photographers who are involved with FIAP related activities.

The Australian Photographic Society (APS) is a member of FIAP. As Australia’s operational member, the APS administer the processing of any submissions/recommendations to this world body. The APS accepts submissions from all Australian residents, both APS members and non-members.

FIAP offer a range of activities and services throughout the year. FIAP's activities include Photographic Skill and Service Awards, known as Distinctions, FIAP Biennials, FIAP Patronages for Exhibitions and the FIAP World Cup Competitions for Clubs.

Each country’s operational member appoints a Liaison Officer via which communication with FIAP is handled. The Australian Photographic Society’s FIAP Liaison Officer is:  Bronwen Casey EFIAP/p MAPS ESAPS ESFIAP

FIAP Distinctions

FIAP offer a range of internationally recognised photographic skill and photography service awards. These are known as Distinctions. Distinctions are applied for via the FIAP Operational Member organisation in each country, which for Australia is the Australian Photographic Society. For full information, applicant registration and application documents, Email Bronwen.

FIAP Biennials

FIAP Biennials are competitions between the FIAP representative photographic organisations of each nation. Different countries host these events each year. Each national organisation selects images to represent their country. The images chosen for entry by a country must form a themed set of images.

The Biennial sections alternate between years and are as follows:

  • Black and White Biennial (Print Section Only)
  • Nature Biennial (Print Section and Projected Image Section)
  • Colour Biennial (Print Section and Projected Image Section)

Please watch out for notices in E-News re upcoming Biennials. Many APS members produce world-class images. Please support these APS team events and help fly our flag in this prestigious competition between countries.

For further information, forms, results and Coordinator contact details, visit the FIAP Biennials page.

FIAP World Cup for Clubs

The FIAP World Cup is a worldwide projected images competition between camera clubs. Entries to this event are organised by individual local clubs, which enter directly to FIAP, not via the APS. This is a terrific world event in which we encourage Australian clubs to participate. Currently, most clubs conduct competitions within their own membership or between local clubs. This is a great way to get your club team in a large international interclub competition event.
For further details and entry forms visit Other FIAP Docs & Forms.

International Salons/Exhibitions with FIAP Patronage

There are currently over 700 photography salons/exhibitions around the world that are approved by FIAP. Such approval is known as FIAP Patronage and involves salons complying with particular rules stipulated by FIAP and meeting certain standards. These exhibitions are run as competitions with the best of the images “Accepted” to be part of the resulting exhibition of photography. Images may also win awards. These “Acceptances” and “Awards” can be counted towards FIAP Distinctions should the entrant meet the required achievements and choose to apply. APS also recognise results from these salons for APS honours applications. For the full list of International Salons, with FIAP Patronage, both past and upcoming click here.

There are a number of Australia’s International Salons with FIAP Patronage. We encourage you to support the Australian Salons. Here are the links to the current salons that have FIAP Patronage, the results from which can be counted for both FIAP Distinctions and APS Honours:

Adelaide AV Fest
Maitland International Salon of Photography
NSW International Circuit
Outback International Photography Exhibition
Terra Australis International Photography Exhibition
Vigex International Print Salon and Vigex Digital Salon

There have been some other Australian Salons that ran with FIAP Patronage in recent years. These salons are no longer running but the records of past salon results can be found on their websites and these results can still be counted for FIAP Distinctions and APS Honours.

Queensland International Digital Circuit 
Redlands Print International
Sydney Harbour International
Sydney International Exhibition of Photography

FIAP Patronage for International Salons

Australian salon organisers are able to seek FIAP Patronage for their salon. They must meet the FIAP requirements for this to be granted. Salons granted FIAP Patronage appear on FIAP's salon list where salon entrants look seeking salons to enter. Entrants to salons with FIAP Patronage are able to use their results on their FIAP Distinctions applications.

Applications are lodged online via the MyFIAP platform. These applications are initially checked and approved by the Australian Photographic Society's FIAP Liaison Officer. For detailed information, please go to the "Salon Patronage Applications" page which is listed in the menu on this page.

FIAP Congress and FIAP Photo Meetings

FIAP Congress. The Congress is FIAP’s major convention-style gathering which any interested party can attend. It is held every second year on even-numbered years, eg 2018. National Photographic Organisations, affiliated with FIAP can nominate delegates, typically the FIAP Liaison Officer and Management officials of the society, to attend the multiple meetings. A nation will host this 5-7 day event which can be held anywhere in the world. It includes photographic tours and activities for all attendees as well as tours for “Observers” attending who are not involved in meetings.

FIAP Photo Meeting. The Photo Meeting is held once every second year on the alternating year to the FIAP Congress. Like Congress, the event is hosted by a Nation and it is based in a location with photographic opportunities. Whilst there is a formal meeting for officials, the event is largely one involving photography tours.

Both the FIAP Congress and FIAP Photo Meeting are usually held in August. Anyone wishing to attend must hold a FIAP Photographers Card which can be sought regardless of whether FIAP Distinctions are held. There is no requirement to be an APS member to attend. Information regarding the upcoming event will be published in E-News. Anyone interested in attending these events should contact the FIAP Liaison Officer who will send them the applicable documents as they come to hand.


The FIAP News is a large digital publication full of photos, articles, informative notices from FIAP Service Directors and news that may be of interest to photographers around the world. It is produced four times a year. Contributions such as interesting articles are sent in from many nations. Any Australian wishing to submit an article should contact the APS FIAP Liaison Officer. The magazine is published on the FIAP website from where the most recent and all past editions can be downloaded. The latest edition of this publication is also available for download in the “Other FIAP Docs & Forms page” in the FIAP area of the APS website.

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