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APS Acronyms

AAPS Associate APS (a photographic skill honour)
AFIAP Artiste FIAP (a photographic skill honour)
AIPC Australian Interstate Photography Competition
AP Australian Photography magazine
APS Australian Photographic Society
APSCON Australian Photographic Society Convention
APS E-News Name of APS members’ monthly electronic newsletter
APSMSC APS Magazines Subcommittee
AV Audio Visual
CAPA Conceptual Art Portfolio Awards
EFIAP Excellence FIAP (a photographic skill honour)
ESAPS Excellent Service APS (a photographic services honour)
ESFIAP Excellence Service FIAP (a photographic services honour)
ESSC Exhibition Services Subcommittee
FAPS Fellow APS (a photographic skill honour)
FIAP Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique
FSC Finance Subcommittee
HonFAPS Honorary Fellow APS (a photographic services honour)
HSC Honours Subcommittee
ITSC Information Technology Subcommittee
LAPS Licentiate APS (a photographic skill honour)
M&SSC Marketing & Sponsorship Subcommittee
MAPS Master APS (a photographic skill honour)
MC Management Committee
MFIAP Master FIAP (a photographic skill honour)
P&ESC Plagiarism & Ethics Subcommittee
SC Standing Committee
SSAPS State Service APS (a photographic services honour)
WFSC Web Folios Subcommittee