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AR Andrews Trust Fund

The A R Andrews Trust Fund was established by Bert Andrews way back in 1975. Whilst they are not, strictly speaking, APS Officers, the APS Management Committee nevertheless is the body that appoints three people to act as Trustees for three year terms. Most recently it appointed Brian Rope, Jim Mason and Graeme Watson as the current Trustees, with Brian as the Convenor. Whilst Brian has been a Trustee for some years, both Jim and Graeme were new to the task when appointed. The need for new Trustees (and a new Convenor) arose from the loss of two long-serving Trustees, the late Andrew Gibson and Hal Wise. Indeed, Hal was one of the three original Trustees and had served continuously until his death.

The Trustees are able to apply the available funds to enable groups within the APS to conduct and organise regional conventions, seminars, exhibitions, workshops, publications, studies or other similar activities designed to advance the art and science of photography. This can be done:

* by way of grants or advances;
* by spending funds; or
* by providing facilities or awards.

Unfortunately, the use of the Fund has been quite limited since its inception. In its early days, there seemed to be a feeling that any profits from Trust-funded ventures should be returned to the Fund, and that possibly limited its potential use. However, even after checking with Bert Andrews and obtaining his reassurance that it was entirely up to the Trustees to utilise available funds in accordance with the terms of the Trust, the number of successful applications for funds has remained limited.

The new Trustees felt that what was needed was some lateral thinking to develop some specific ideas for use of the Fund. They embarked on such an exercise and invited suggestions for consideration. To help stimulate thoughts, the Trustees floated the following thought starters:

* provision of awards for Juniors in national exhibitions?
* seed funding for new international exhibitions?
* assistance to participate in such events as the Daylesford Foto Biennale?
* electronic exhibition catalogues?
* touring exhibitions/seminars for regional centres?

These were simply a few random thoughts and, it was hoped, members would have much more wonderful ideas for consideration and exploration. So far there have been few responses, but ideas are still welcome. Ideally, the ideas will be adventuresome, innovative and ground-breaking - to truly advance the art and science of photography. Please forward your suggestions to Brian Rope at 43/5 Billabong St, Lawson, ACT 2167 or Email Brian

Of course, specific applications for funding may be lodged at any time, if you already have a proposal for consideration. The Trustees request that all applicants seeking funding use the A R Andrews Trust Fund Application Form, which may be downloaded from our Downloads section.

Readers are invited to make donations to the A R Andrews Trust Fund in order to increase the pool of funds available. Please contact the secretary for the APS bank details where you can make a direct deposit.


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