Overview of management structure of Australian Photographic Society Inc. (APS, Society)

The Management Committee (MC) comprises of up to seven members – President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President and two General Members, who are elected to office for a two year period. It also includes the Immediate Past President which is a carried forward position for two years and the Treasurer.

APS has several Special Interest Groups (SIGs)– e.g. Digital, Print, Audio Visual, Contemporary, Nature – and each group has a member of the MC appointed to it as a Liaison Officer.

MC meetings are held, via use of technology, at least four times a year.

Position of Treasurer

The Treasurer is appointed by the MC.

The primary responsibilities of the Treasurer are:

  • Ensure the proper maintenance of APS’s accounting and financial records in accordance with the Australian Capital Territory Associations Incorporation Regulation Act 1991 as amended (the Act) and the Society’s Rules of Association (Rules).
  • Provide the MC with monthly financial reports including any relevant commentary.
  • To prepare and submit to the MC regular financial forecasts.
  • Prepare the Society’s Annual Financial Report in accordance with accepted accounting principles and liaise with Auditor (if appointed).
  • To provide financial assistance and general advice to the MC, SIGs and Subcommittees, including the preparation of budgets.
  • Attend and participate in APS Members, MC and other Society meetings as appropriate.
  • To have effective (albeit delegated) control of the Society’s financial and physical assets.

Other responsibilities

  • Uphold the Society’s Rules.
  • Strive to continually improve the Society’s policies, activities and administration.
  • Liaise/converse with the Society’s Secretary and office staff on a regular basis on matters relating to the Treasurer’s role.
  • Advise the MC on funds management opportunities.

Other Notes

  • The Treasurer is not required to process the financial transactions in MYOB, prepare BAS, handling of monies, banking and payments. These tasks are handled by the office staff.
  • The Treasurer is an authorised signatory on the Society’s various financial bank/organisation accounts.


  • Have an occupational background in finance i.e. Accountancy (e.g. CPA, CA, IPA).
  • Have knowledge and understanding of the Society’s accounting software – MYOB.
  • Have an interest in voluntary community work and adequate time to undertake the tasks required.
  • Have a genuine interest in and commitment to the objectives of the Society.
  • To act ethically, be of independent mind and have an ability to make decisions and recommendations based on principles and personal/professional experience.


The Australian Photographic Society Management Committee look forward to your application. If you have any further enquiries, please contact the The Secretary.

Rules of Association