Overview of the management structure of the Australian Photographic Society

The Management Team is a two-tiered system of governance.

The Management Committee (MC) comprises seven individuals with voting rights. All members of this MC team are encouraged to participate in full discussion in the general meetings.

The MC comprises an Executive Committee - President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, Treasurer and Immediate Past President. The other two positions are General Members.

The Society has five Specialist Groups - Audio Visual, Contemporary, Digital, Nature and Print. Each Group has a member of MC allocated to them as a Liaison Officer.

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Position of Contemporary Group Chairperson

This Contemporary Group was formed at the beginning of 1994. It is primarily a group providing mutual support for members working in the more contemporary styles of photography, those who are striving to develop a more individual style of work, and those who are interested in exhibiting their work in a non-competitive environment.

The group provides the opportunity for members to exhibit together in themed group exhibitions.

It is the policy of Contemporary Group, unlike many of the other groups, to conduct no internal competitions. However, members may be advised of contemporary photography awards conducted within the wider photographic community and their individual achievements in having work hung or awarded in such competitions shall be acknowledged.

A Policies and Procedures Manual is available to assist the Chairperson in this position. Additionally, support will be provided by the Management Team.

Primarily the Chairperson will need to:

  • uphold the The Rules of Association of the Society.
  • strive to continually improve the organisation's policy, activities and administration.
  • represent the Society to the outside world.

The applicant will be expected to:

  • have a good knowledge of the breadth of contemporary photography as it is practised in the wider arts community and a commitment to providing opportunities for members of this group to develop their own photographic practice within the APS community.
  • be responsible for the conduct of Contemporary Group.
  • prepare reports from information provided by other Contemporary officers in accordance with procedures laid down by MC.
  • authorise expenditure of funds allocated to the Group from the overall APS budget.
  • prepare a budget for the Group each year.
  • discuss all appointments, new ideas and general policy matters with the Contemporary Councillors.
  • attend to all Contemporary correspondence, except where the Group chooses to appoint one councillor as Secretary to the council.
  • arrange meetings of Group members as required.
  • ensure the following roles are delegated to other members of the group: Folio organiser, folio secretaries, Image correspondent, website correspondent, on-line newsletter editor, exhibition convenors; and liaise with these people to see that the roles are carried out in accordance with the aims of contemporary division. If unable to find suitable members to act in these capacities the roles may be undertaken by the Chairperson.
  • periodically update the information on the Contemporary Group pages of the website through the Web Manager.
  • have computer and internet access and be prepared to use it for communication between the Management Team (both email and web).

Applicants should decide if they have:

  • adequate time to this position justice.
  • a genuine interest in voluntary committee work.
  • a genuine interest in the objectives of the Society.
  • an independent mind.
  • the ability to make decisions based on principles rather than on personalities or personal beliefs.
  • good standing in the community.


The Australian Photographic Society Management Committee look forward to your application. If you have any further enquiries, please contact the The Secretary.