A quick overview of the management structure of the Australian Photographic Society

The Management Team is a two tiered system of governance.

The Management Committee (MC) comprises 7 individuals with voting rights. All members of this MC team are encouraged to participate in full discussion in the general meetings.

The MC comprises of an Executive Committee - President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President and Immediate Past President. The other 3 positions are General Members. It is anticipated the General Members will have a portfolio.

The Society has 4 Group - Audio Visual, Contemporary, Nature and Print. Each Group Chairman has automatic placement as an ED. The MC may constitute subcommittees at any time and may, at their discretion, give the Chairman of the Subcommittee a place on the ED.

Download the Nomination Form here

Position of the Australian Photography Liaison Officer

This position will be responsible as the Australian Photography Magazine Liaison Officer. It may be an MC or ED portfolio, at the discretion of the Management Committee.

The Australian Photography Magazine is available for purchase, at an additional cost, to every APS member. Two pages of the magazine are allocated for one member who has received his recent honours and showcase their images. The second A third page is a discussion page, written by one of four allocated members. A fourth page runs an advertisement seeking new members for the Society.

Primarily the applicant will need to:

  • Uphold the Rules of Association.
  • Strive to continually improve the organisation's policy, activities and administration.
  • Represent the Society to the outside world.

The applicant will be expected to:

  • Be the direct link between Australian Photography magazine and members being invited to submit  their images for the Honours page.
  • Be the direct link between Australian Photography magazine and the allocated member submitting their editorial for publication.
  • Provide Australian Photography magazine with the names of Coordinate members to submit their images to the Honours page.
  • Be prepared to be considered as a member of the Management Team, therefore it will be expected for the applicant to participate in general meetings (as requested by the President)
  • Have computer and internet access and be prepared to use it for communication between the Management Team (both email and web).

Please consider if you have:

  • Adequate time to do this position justice.
  • A genuine interest in voluntary committee work.
  • A genuine interest in the objectives of the Society.
  • Good standing in the community.

The Australian Photographic Society Management Team look forward to your application. If you have any further enquiries, please contact the Secretary who will lead you in the right direction.

Please view the pdf Rules of Association (415 KB) .