Building on the recent focus of providing online events and activities to members, APS is proud to introduce the APSLearn Series.

As the name suggests this is a series of activities that will assist APS Members learn about and develop:

  • Themselves as photographers
  • Their knowledge and skills of photography
  • Photography as a hobby or interest

The following video provides a short overview of APSLearn



APSLearn Purpose and Goals

APSLearn activities will provide a range of learning opportunities relevant to being an APS Member.  However, APSLearn does not seek to compete with formal training organisations or businesses that provide ‘how to’ videos such as PS, LR and others.  Nor does it seek to compete with or replace a wide range of online resources general accessible to photographers.

APS also recognises that being a ‘photographer’ is also not simply about the skills of photography and in an ever-changing world we photograph, being a ‘good’ photographer incorporates social, ethical, regulatory and other issues that are equally important to be aware of and discuss.

The following outlines the key goals of APSLearn for APS and APS Members:

  • help members develop themselves as photographers and to find the level of proficiency and purpose that they want to achieve for themselves
  • increase the participation rate by members in APS services and activities including but not exclusive to:
    • APS Honors
    • Critique rooms and Folios
    • APS national competitions
    • APSLive events
    • APS Meet-ups and APS Photo Walk days
  • Contribute to member retention overall and assist newer members develop their connection with APS members services and activities.

Program Calendar

The APS Calendar of Events will highlight the dates of Workshops and Presentations 

  • Members can view APSLearn videos at any time and as often as they like. Members are required to register using the zoom link provided to participate in a Workshop or Presentation
  • Some Workshops may be capped to allow greater interaction between the Host/Presenter and the participants
  • Additional Workshop may be scheduled subject to demand by members.

APSLearn Feedback

If you want to provide feedback or provide suggestion about APSLearn, please  >> email Secretary