Honours & Distinctions
For Photographic achievement through the exhibition & panel systems.
  1. Assessments will be made by assessors who have been carefully chosen for their Art and or Photographic backgrounds. They are usually well versed in the requirements for exhibitions and intricacies of the art world. Many are or have been, teaching or practicing their art over the years.
  1. As with any judging/assessment we may not always agree with the assessments, but we do need to take on board the helpful comments made and the time and trouble that the Assessors has taken to look at our work.
  1. Please keep in mind that, while you have spent a lot of time on your portfolio, the Assessors have to try and fit your assessment in between work, family and other commitments. Finding qualified Assessors who are willing to help us are not easy to find!
  1. You CAN express your thoughts to the CAPA sub-committee via one of the committee members.
  1. There will be absolutely no contact between the Applicant and any of the Assessors. If this rule is breached, then you will not be able to continue with CAPA. Your application money will not be refunded.
  1. The APS CAPA Sub-committee thanks you for your assistance with these matters.
  1. The current Chairperson of the CAPA Subcommittee will be first point of call
  1. Assessments will occur whenever the Mentor considers the Applicant is ready
  1. Some Applicants may choose NOT to have a mentor. You will be told if the choose this option. You do not have to mentor the Applicant. They must have decided that they are ready for assessment.
  1. Three assessors will form an assessment team to evaluate the CAPA applicants. If there is a problem with coming to a unanimous decision, then 2 out of 3 positive results will be accepted.


  • There is no set number of images in each level. Each applicant will be evaluated by their final body of work which should be deemed suitable for whatever level being looked at.
  • Any level can be awarded at any time, subject to the standard of the applicant's work and the quality of the final portfolio, according to the designated assessment criteria
  • If no level previously awarded, you will start with Bronze and evaluate accordingly
  • If required for a decision during assessment, you may ask to see the applicants progress records should they be available for perusal
  • Please note that all music used in a presentation must be royalty free or the Applicant has obtained the written right to use that music. This is so that the presentation can be shown on the APS web site and at any public gathering.

Phillipa Frederiksen (Chairperson)