Welcome to the AV Group

The Audiovisual Group welcomes all members interested in the art of audiovisual making. It is a challenge to combine images, music, voice and text to create a compelling narrative that will absorb the viewer and elicit an emotional response.

The best way to learn what makes a good AV is to watch what others have made. Take every opportunity to do this by, e.g.:

  • Attending Photographic conventions in your own state or territory.

  • Attend, if you are able, judging days for National and International AV Salons..

  • Visit sites on the web where you can view the work of others.

If you would like to know more, contact the Group Chair, Dale Murphy, or any of the Committee listed under the AV Group Committee menu.  

Take a look at the AV Mentors & Feedback page via the menu on the right. Assistance and advice can be given on equipment and software to use according to your budget and anticipated type of productions. Whilst you are still striving to improve your AVs (and who isn't?) you can seek confidential and constructive feedback on it by following the Feedback instructions on that page.

Members of the AV Group have the opportunity to enter their work into two or three national exhibitions  each year, and every second year, an International AV Festival which is held in Adelaide. These competitions are open to AVs made on either a PC or Mac, and the accepted file formats are listed on the entry forms.

Click on the AV Showcase menu item to see some great AV examples.