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Mieke Boynton EFIAP/d1 APSEM





Saturday:  1.30pm - 2:40pm

Keynote  Speaker:   "The Art of Abstract Aerial Photography"

AIPP Victorian Landscape Photographer of the Year 2019. 


In 2008, Mieke Boynton moved to the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia for a teaching job and instantly fell in love with the ancient, rugged landscape. She began capturing photographs as a way of sharing her appreciation with family and friends, and this quickly developed into an all-encompassing passion.


Since then, she has travelled the world seeking out remote and beautiful landscapes, and her authentic and stunning images beckon the viewer to immerse themselves in Nature’s beauty. In addition to her landscapes, Mieke specialises in abstract aerial photography: photographing Nature’s lines, shapes, patterns, colours and textures from helicopters and light planes.


Mieke has been a member of the Australian Photographic Society since 2011 and was awarded the Grand Master distinction in 2016 and the APS Exhibitor’s Medal in 2017. She has received twelve FIAP Gold medals from the International Federation of Art Photography. She joined the Australian Institute of Professional Photography in 2017, and in 2018 was named AIPP Victorian Travel Photographer of the Year.


Mieke recently settled back in the Alpine Valleys of Victoria to be closer to her family, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge through presentations and workshops, and carrying out commissioned landscape and aerial work.



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