Honours & Distinctions
For Photographic achievement through the exhibition & panel systems.

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Conceptual Art Portfolio Awards

Have you ever considered producing a portfolio of your work?

  • A portfolio is a selection of images that make up a whole, so that many individual photographs become one body of work.
  • APS is encouraging different ways to create images, from 2D to 3D and beyond. 
  • All you need is an idea you want to explore using photography.
  • We have mentors to help you achieve your goal. We want everyone to achieve their goals.
  • With this in mind APS has developed the CAPA awards.
  • APS Members are welcome to apply as a participant in the CAPA project. The development of CAPA will be ongoing.

The Conceptual Art Portfolio Award Overview

  • CAPA is a new initiative of APS that will cater for members who wish to develop their photographic talents through an avenue other than competitions.
  • CAPA is entirely separate from the present honour awards offered by APS.  
    It is a SELF CHALLENGING project, not a competition.
  • The levels of awards are - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
  • CAPA is based on the concept of portfolios (a collection of photographic work that is evaluated as a single unit).  These portfolios will be initiated, designed and created by the applicant and will be the evidence upon which the awards are granted.
  • These are primarily a photographic portfolio and as such the major component of them must be photography. All of the Portfolio must be the photographer's own work.
  • The Applicant may choose to submit Digital (straight images, images in a grid or as an AV), Print (2D or 3D) or Multi-media,
  • Please note that all music used in a presentation must be royalty free or you have obtained the written right to use that music. This is so that your presentation can be shown on the APS web site and at any public gathering.
  • There will be no restrictions on the content of the images (though you need to remember that children may be able to access these images) presented or on the style of photography and image processing used to create the images.
  • Mentors within and outside APS have volunteered to oversee the process and will do their best to ensure that the applicants achieve success in their creative endeavours.

For more information please email Kym Houston FAPS CAPS/p