APS Photo Walk Day 2024

APS Photo Walk Day 2024



Key Dates

4th May:  Images taken: 4th May

20th May:  Upload images by this date

22nd May: Judging will commence

5th June: Official Results Announcement (online)

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Official launch

Official launch of the 2024 APS Walk Day was hosted by APS President Greg McMillan. 
1 May 2024 7.30pm
Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

This was an opportunity for hints and tips for the day to capture your best images and to answer any questions on the event. 

Theme:  Sport, Hobbies and Fun Activities

What do many people do on a Saturday?  They take up an opportunity to participate in a sport or activity or just get out and about and have fun.  Here is a broad theme that provides all participants with the opportunity to capture a wide range of images from action in sport to inside board games. Images can capture individuals or groups, teams or solo participants.  The sport, hobby or fun activity can be formal such as a local team sporting event, or informal such as a group of people playing in the local park.  The key focus should reflect the emotional aspect such as the joy, the fun, the focus, the intensity or the energy of participating in a sport, hobby or fun activity.


  1. Individual Walkers: an individual participant must submit 4 images
  2. Team Entry: A Team must submit 12 images.
  • A team can comprise no less than 2 members and no more than 12 members.
  • A team can be a Club Name (eg: GCPS) if it is representing a Club or
  • A made-up name (eg: The Clever Photography Team)
  • Each team member must contribute at least one image.

Teams are encouraged to share image submission amongst the Team; however, team members do not have to submit an equal number of images (eg: in a team of 5 members contribution may be 5 images, 3 images, 2 images, 1 image and 1 image or any combination making 12 images in total).


Individual Scores

  • Each image is scored as an individual image and the sum of the 4 images is the Individual’s Score (the same as previous years)
  • Individual images will be given a score out of 9 covering technical quality, and relevance to the theme

The Team Scores (story-telling)

  • The Team submission is about story-telling by creating a series of images that can help to create a sense of atmosphere and emotion. The images can capture a moment in time, or a series of moments but there must be a connection between the images that is self-evident in the images themselves.

The Team submission will be given an overall score

  • Three (3) Judges will look at the Teams 12 images and judge them based upon
    • The connection between the images, do the connect to tell a story (max 10 marks)
    • The story itself - is there a strong story being told through the 12 images (max 10 marks)
    • The technical aspects of the images (max 10 marks)

Overall Team Score (30 marks per judge).


  • Margaret O’Grady EFIAP/s GMAPS SAPS PSQA
  • Andy Swinfield APSEM EFIAP
  • Judi Neumann


  • $5 per Individual Walker
  • $20 per Team Entry

Club/Team (10 x $50 vouchers),
Individual (1 x $150 voucher)


  • The intent is to capture (4 or 12) images in-camera on the day.
  • Images must be captured on 4th May 2024 and metadata must be included with the images.
  • All elements must have been photographed by the entrant/s and images submitted must be 100% photographic in origin.
  • Any photo stacking, over-under exposure of multiple images or similar activities must occur in camera.
  • Post processing must be of the individual image taken and any composite, stacked, panorama or other similar actions must only occur in-camera and cannot be created in post-processing.
  • Triptychs or similar multiple images incorporated into one image are not eligible.
  • As the judging criteria is different a person can participate as an individual entry and as part of a team. However, the same image cannot be presented in both sections.
  • Images may only be entered once, and mono conversions will be considered as the same image.
  • The Judge’s decision is final and no appeal of the judges decisions will be permitted.

Event Co-ordinator:  


Start Date 4 May, 2024
End Date 5 May, 2024
Individual Price $ 5 Individuals, $20 Team/Club