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APS Photo Walk Day 2023

APS Photo Walk Day 2023


Start Date 6 May, 2023
End Date 6 May, 2023
Individual Price $ 5 Individuals, $20 Team/Club




Walk Day Flyer 2023Theme: Families

Families can be seen in many ways and a contemporary and broad definition of a Family is one where people choose who is in their Family and they choose what their Family structure looks like.  In this context, what makes a ‘Family’ is that the members of this group share emotional bonds, common values, goals and responsibilities and choose to see themselves as a Family.  From a social perspective this is an opportunity for APS Photo Walk Day participants to show the diversity of ‘Family’ in a modern, tolerant and inclusive Australia.


APS acknowledges that not everyone is comfortable or interested in photographing people so to be inclusive to our participants, a Family can also be depicted by the ‘family’ connection within a group of animals or birds.


What is most important is that your image portrays a sense of Family, that there is some connection between the subject in your photographs.  Don’t be limited by a definition, be inspired by an emotion and feeling of what Family is in everyday life.

Images must be captured on the day and metadata must be included.



1. Individual Walkers: An individual participant must  submit 4 images.

2. Team/Club Entry: A team/club must submit 20 images.

a) A team can comprise no less than 2 members and no more than 20 members.

b) A team can be a Club Name (eg: GCPS) if it is representing a Club or

c) A made-up name (eg: The Clever Photography Team)

d) Each team member must contribute at least one image.

e) Teams are encouraged to share image submission amongst the Team; however, team members do not have to submit an equal number of images (eg: in a team of 5 members contribution may be 7 images, 5 images, 4 images, 3 images and 1 image or any combination making 20 images in total)








  • The intent is to capture (4 or 20) images in-camera on the day.
  • Images must be captured on 6th May 2023 and metadata must be included with the images.
  • All elements must have been photographed by the entrant/s and images submitted must be 100% photographic in origin, including textures, backgrounds, skies, etc. The use of stock images or clip art is forbidden.
  • Any photo stacking, over-under exposure of multiple images or similar activities must occur in camera.
  • Post processing must be of the individual image taken and composite, stacked, panorama or other similar actions must only occur in-camera and cannot be created in post-processing.
  • Triptychs or similar multiple images incorporated into one image are not eligible.
  • No team member or individual is permitted to enter more than once (for example: if a member has images entered in a team entry they may not enter as an individual).
  • Images may only be entered once, and mono conversions will be considered as the same image.
  • The Judge’s decision is final and no appeal of the judges decisions will be permitted



Individual Scores

Each image is scored and the sum of the 4 images is the Individual’s Score (the same as previous years)

The Team Scores

  • The Team submission will be given an overall score
  • Judges will look at the Teams 20 images and take into consideration
    • The overall technical quality and consistency of the images
    • The story or connection between the images and how they relate to the overall Theme



$5 per Individual Walker.

$20 per Team/Club Entry.







Winners 2022









Brian Rope 1 Photo Arts Club Tweed 1
Jane Flood 2 Brisbane Camera Group 2
Sara Spearpoint 2 CPCA Photography Interest Group 3
Cherry Cole 3 Whittlesea Photography Club 4
Greg McMillan 4 Waverley Camera Club 5
Melissa Alderton 5 C.ex Coffs Camera Club 6
Helen Carpenter 6 Melbourne Camera Club 7
    Castlemaine Camera Club 8
    Hervey Bay Photography Club 9
    Wollongong Camera Club 10
    U3A Boonah Photography Club 11
    Northern Exposure Photographers Group 12
    Eastern Suburbs Camera Club 13




APS Photo Walk Day 2022 Image Galleries