Congratulations to the 80 APS members who had one of their images selected to represent APS. (Australia) in the 4 Nations 2014 – Inter-Society Digital Image Competition Invitation.

After the initial invitation by e- news and a later e-news reminder, 302 APS members (down from last year) sent 610 digital images to me. (A few came via the APS secretary). Only 80 members could be selected with one select image of the two sent per member. It is unfortunate that 222 APS members missed out on being selected, as well as their 530 images.

Boosted by the submission of many of our international successful photographers, the standard of the images, available for selection, in my opinion, was not as high as last year 2013. The technical quality of the Monochrome entries was excellent. The action and decisive moments of the Nature entries reflected the technology of the digital cameras and shutter speeds. I felt that the subject matter of how we depict Our Country was disappointing. I received more landscape type entries than I anticipated. I thought that we are a sport orientated country , yet I received very few entries.

The subject matter sent for consideration, whilst the majority were predictable Like being still "within the box", very few showed imagery depicting lateral creativity. Image submissions consisted of..232 landscapes, 12 surfing, 18 rodeo, 62 portraits, 161 birds, 6 theatre shots, 12 still life, 18 flowers, only 3 sport images, 3 architecture, 11 kangaroos, 15 cockatoos, 8 figure studies. A notable drop in images was in overseas/travel, photojournalism and manipulated - filter imagery.

Selection of our entry was mainly based on five key qualities - originality, technique, strong visual storytelling (especially in "our country" section), integrity and the decisive moment. Images that were not considered where the design was weak, a rehash of the same subject, an absence of something worth saying, or just a snapshot. Thank you, sincerely to the APS members who took the time and effort to send images for consideration. We would all like to be selected, but unfortunately only 80 members make up the entry 2014.

South Africa (PSSA) is the host nation this year, and all entries are being judged by a photographic group from Singapore. Results will be released about the middle of June 2014. Results on how we did competition wise will be released in e- news and each selected members mark will be on the APS website along with the awards.

An audio visual of the overall results, awards and images will be presented and shown at APSCON Ballarat, Victoria in September 2014.

Peter S. Manchester AFIAP, AAPS, Hon FAPS
Coordinator of 4 Nations 2014 for the Australian Photographic Society Inc.


OPEN -35 member images.

Alfred Zommers Ashen Sadhu
Frank Dalgity Blind Sita Player
Gary Wallis Bored
Tony Harding BoyZ
Joseph Tam Chariot of Fire
Shaw Tan Coming Home
John Chapman Corn Field Yunnan
Noel Clark Dancing in the rain
David C G Smith Louvre -Twighlight
Jim Mckenna Fork and Egg
Peter Hammer Grundarfjordur rainbow
Jan Pudney Saffron 5
Brian Lincoln Header
Margaret Zommers Temple Shree Karni Mata
Julie Begg Perfect Rose
Jillian Merlot Renaissance
Peter Kissun Scent of a Rose
Ray Farrugia Sleeping Fire
Phillipa Frederiksen Spirit of the Night
Helen Rushton London Fly
Simon Changson Swords against pole
Jane Clancy Tasman Glacier
Pam Thomas Artist on Steps
Tom Tame Emerites 380
Ruth Goldwasser Lone Rider
Monica Mulder Par de deux
Ingrid Hendriksen s- Heerenberg
Peter Elgar South Bank Cyclist
Val Rees Ken
Suzanne Wacker Light House Iceland
Lorraine Maskell Daisy
Jan Hollingsworth Holy Bathing
Gavin Roberts Junior Border 2
Jane Barnes Prismatic Lake
Peter Kewley Elborg glacier Iceland

MONOCHROME - 15 member images

Angela Davies Statue Amanda
Paul Bennie Cattle Sale bloke
Robert Horton Charlotte
Lai Yin Charming Lady
Ken Dickson End of the Day
Lou Marafioti Glass frame 2
Yvonne Hill Holding Back time
Jenny Davidson Living on the Street
Janine Waters M Shark Patterns
Sally Hinton Masai Men
Mieke Boynton Princes Pier Pylons
Francis Pisani Souls of the Sea
Peter Belmont The last Japanese Falconer
Martin Clancy Trees in the Mist
Bronwyn Casey Your Move

NATURE - 15 member images

John Culver African Buffalo
John Hodgson African Fish Eagle fishing
Phil Robinson Blue Faced Honey Eater
Max Leonard Ursus Maritimus
Graeme Guy Chestnut-headed bee-eater tossing a butterfly
Gordon Dean Cicada no 8
Tina Dial Courting Terns
Phillipa Alexander Elephant Seal Fight two
Ivor Metlitzky Flamingo -Atacama Desert
Mary Viney Floundering
Erica Siegel Feeding blue - banded bee
Roy Killen Red fox chasing vixen
Bernice Fagus Violet Sabrewing Humming bird
George Chan Yawning Mandrill
Lesley Clark Yellowbilled Stork altercation

"OUR COUNTRY" - 15 member images

Mandy Notley A Steer Wrestling
James Lu Angry Horse
Dianne English Bell Gorge
Julia Harwood Camels on Cable Beach
Jodie Williams Devils Marbles
Alex Hunter Drinking Mates
Judith Bennett Gary on Injalak Hill
David Bassett Lunch Break
John Carden Newcastle Beach
Leanne Alessi Reflections of the Past
Chris Prior Ten
Sandra Anderson The Muster
Graeme Watson True Blue
Marg Huxtable Want to Play
Judi Mowlem Waves of Gold