Congratulations APS Members! 

The 4Nations competition is between the Societies of Australian Photographic Society Canadian Association for Photographic Art, Photographic Society of New Zealand and Photographic Society of South Africa.4nationswinnerbanner

Each Photographic Society submitted 80 images from 80 different photographers and each image was entered into one of four categories;

Nature                               15 Images
Our Country                      15 Images
Open Monochrome           15 Images
Open Colour                      35 Images

To maintain the spirit of this competition being a TEAM event, individual scores will not be published.


2021 4-Nations Inter-Country Results

2021 4-Nations Inter-Country Audio Visual Catalogue (YouTube)


4 Nations Host 2021

The Photgraphic Society of New Zealand
Peter Arnold - Outgoing Chair
Craig McKenzie - Incoming Chair


International Jury Panel

John Chamberlin FRPS MFIAP
United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Mike Martin FRPS MFIAP
United Kingdom


Individual Gold Award and Honourable Mention E-Certificates


Canadian Association for Photographic Art      

Gold      I love my Mother                                              Hua Shang

Australian Photographic Society

HM        Lion Eland Kill                                             Johan Botha       

Photographic Society of South Africa           

HM        Jackal and Vulture Confrontation                Kathy Kay

Photographic Society of South Africa

HM        Giant Heron Display                                          Leon Venter



Photographic Society of South Africa            Gold Impressionist                                                     Lynne Kruger Haye

Australian Photographic Society                

HM        Rambo Joseph Tam

Australian Photographic Society                

HM        Born to Run                                                  Bill Sturgess
Canadian Association for Photographic Art       HM        The Seeker Marinna Armata



Photographic Society of New Zealand

Gold Man without a Badge                                      Karen Moffat Mcleod

Australian Photographic Society

HM        From Above                                                   Adrian Donoghue

Australian Photographic Society

HM        Darkside                                                     Margaret Metcalfe

Canadian Association for Photographic Art        

HM        Fighter Ann Alimi         


OUR COUNTRY                                                                                                                                                                                           

Australian Photographic Society                

Gold Watch and Wait Colleen Price

Australian Photographic Society

HM        Childers Cove                                                Ketut Suwitra

Photographic Society of New Zealand

HM        Muriwai                                                          James G Gibson

Photographic Society of South Africa                  

HM        Admiring the Sunset Evelyn Gibson


4 Nations Overall Standings


Australian Photographic Society 1436 1st Place 4 Nations Award
Canadian Association for Photographic Art                  1348 2nd Place
Photograpic Society of South Africa 1319 3rd Place
Photographic Society New Zealand  1272                      
4th Place


Society Placement in each Category



Australian Photographic Society 300 1st Place
Canadian Association for Photographic Art 282 2nd Place
Photograpic Society of South Africa 277   
3rd Place
Photographic Society New Zealand 255 4th Place



Australian Photographic Society 626.5 1st Place
Canadian Association for Photographic Art 593 2nd Place
Photographic Society of South Africa 535 3rd Place
Photographic Society New Zealand 513 4th Place



Australian Photographic Society 367.5 1st Place
Photographic Society New Zealand 250.5
2nd Place
Photograpic Society of South Africa 243 3rd Place
Canadian Association for Photographic Art 209 4th Place


OUR COUNTRY                                                                                                                                    

Photographic Society of South Africa 269.5
1st Place
Photographic Society New Zealand 253.5 2nd Place
Australian Photographic Society 242 3rd Place
Canadian Association for Photographic Art 235 4th Place


APS Members Representing Australia in 2021



Johan Botha                      

Lion Eland Kill

Kerry Boytell                     

Bonelli Breakfast

Sinkai Cheung                    

Wildebeest Calving

Tina Dial                              

Tail Landing

Neville Foster                    

There goes your lunch

Li Ting Jiang    

Feeding Time

Roy Killen                            

Masked Weaver at Nest

Amanda Luker                   

Bat Dipping

Ian Marriner      

Cuttlefish Mating

Craig Parker                        

Wild dogs tug at meal

Brian Russell


Peter Ryan                          


Eligia Sword                        


Kim Wormald                     

Gannet Discipline

Robin Yates                        

Territorial Tussel



Wade Buchan

Last Hurdle

Adrian Donoghue            

From Above

Valerie Kleindienst      

Boy Peeping

Stephan Labuschagne   

Jet Pilot Action

Roger Lancaster                                

Pear Shaped

Sharron Leppien               

Boy with Tyre

Greg McMillan                  

Python Reflections

Margaret Metcalfe   


Mario Mirabile                  

Welcome to the Machine

David Scott                         

Wet Race

Sharon Smith                     

Winter Wonderland

Andrew Swinfield            

Bemusing Iteration

Graham Watson               


Adrian Whear


Monique Whear               

Ocean Swimmer



Paul Balfe          

The Tarot Reader

Peter Barrien                     

The Tui Bird

Julie Begg                            

Moeraki Boulders

Mieke Boynton          

Ice Cold

Simon Cox                           

Water Fight

Gordon Dean                     

Catch of the Day

Chris de Blank           

The Cockatoo

Kym Douglas                      

Creature from the Dark

Margaret Edwards           

Catch that Towell

Dianne English                   

Bergenia Enhanced

Nadia Filiaggi                     

Street Child

Brennan Finighan             

May We Entertain You

Steven Fraser                    

Misty Church

Jacqueline Hammer        

Morning Wave

Pia Jessen                           


Sue Joy                                 


Cora Lea                               


Helen Lewis                        

Huddle Around the Fire

Richard Li                             


Yong Zhi (Simon) Li          

Old Woman

Georgie McKie                  

White Throated Kingfisher

Vicki Moritz                        

The Thinker

Paul Nagtzaam                  

Gorgeous Smile

Eugen Naiman                   

Golden Dune

Trace O‚ÄôRourke                 

Where did Autumn Go

Heather Prince                  


Neil Roberts                       

Sunrise at Bastion Point

Christina Robinson          

Split Personality

Jennie Stock                       

On the Wing

Bill Sturgess                        

Born to Run

Joseph Tam                        


Jenni Tanner                      

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Paul Thompson                 

Mimis Gaze

Helen Warnod                   

Astral Traveller

Karen Willshaw                                 

Cuttlefish above Coral

Our Country


Mark Brierley

Simple Times

Rob Cox                               

River and Sea

John Doody                        

Lake Dunn Jetty at Sunset

Peter Eastway                   

Lake Oberon Impression

Ian English                           

Billabong in Pink

Emma Fleetwood            

Red Dawn

Glenn Gilligan                    

The Reef

Ingrid Hendriksen            

Grazing in a desert oasis

Hans Kawitzki                    

Lake Mungo

Paula McManus                                


Robin Moon                       

Australian Alps

Tim Moon                           

Cloudless reflection

Colleen Price                      

Watch and Wait

Barbara Siedel                  

Edeowie Afterglow

Ketut Suwitra                    

Childers Cove



Four Nations