The 7th Adelaide AV National 2024

approval # 2024/03

This is separate from the National held in conjunction with the Adelaide AV Fest (International), which is conducted every two years.

There are now three AV Nationals every year: the Autumn AV National, the APS AV National and in alternate years, the Adelaide APS National and the National held in conjunction with Adelaide AV Fest.

The Adelaide AV National has APS approval and entry is online via the entry form.

The AV Fiche, which is now automatically generated, will be emailed to the director of the exhibition and the entrant, upon successful submission of the online entry form.

Entry fee is $10.00 per sequence.
Four sequence entry limit, and maximum running time of 12 mins per sequence.


 Entries Open  12 February 2024
 Entries Close  11 March 2024
 Judging  4 April 2024
 Reports Emailed  18 April 2024
Catalogues/Awards   18 April 2024


  • 1st Place APS Gold Medal
  • 2nd Place Silver Plaque
  • 3rd Place Bronze Plaque
  • Herbert Medallions for excellence in various areas for audio visual production
  • Merits & Acceptances, Novice Award

Judging panel:

  • Linda Gibbs MPAGB AV-AFIAP

Category Definations:

Please note there are no longer any categories, this is an OPEN competition. The following is for reference only.

Entrants are encouraged to explore the photographic medium and to use it to communicate their own personal vision incorporating feeling, senses and imagination to the viewer. The photography is not restricted in any way, either in subject matter or in the manipulation allowed during the taking or reproduction stages of the photography. The sequence must be based totally on photographic images. Video clips can be accepted within a sequence if relevant to the story and not more than 20% of the total duration of the sequence.

Nature – Depicts elements of the natural world in a photographic process which can be broken down into specialty fields – Wildlife, Landscape, Birds, Underwater, Astro, Macro/Close-up.
History - History is a narration of the events which have happened among mankind, including an account of the rise and fall of nations, as well as of other great changes which have affected the political and social condition of humans.
Travel – Places visited locally or worldwide.
Social - Social documentary is the recording of how the world looks with a social and/or environmental focus. The aim is to draw the public's attention to ongoing social issues. It may also refer to a socially critical genre of photography dedicated to showing the life of underprivileged or disadvantaged people.

Fiction - is any story or setting that is derived from imagination—in other words, not based strictly on history or fact. 
Humour - is the tendency of experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement.

Poetry - is a type of literature, or artistic writing, that attempts to stir the imagination or emotions. The poet does this by carefully choosing and arranging language for its meaning, sound, and rhythm. Voice-over or text can be used in the sequence.
Music - The challenge lies in the production and visual progression of images linked to instrumental music. It is not a requirement to have a story with a specific beginning, middle and end, but the production should be constructed so that images dissolve harmoniously in terms of colour or tone and graphic design. 
Song - A song is a single musical composition that has a melody and, often, words that are sung by a vocalist. The words of a song are called the lyrics, and they may include verses that tell a story. The photographs in the sequence will depict the story of the song.
Video is allowed in the sequences but must not be more than 20% of the total duration of the audio visual.


1. This is an open competition; there are no restrictions on subject matter.

2. AVs can be collaboratively created by more than one author.

3. To be eligible for the Best Novice award, entrants must indicate this on the entry form and have never previously received an Acceptance or higher in a national or international AV competition.

4. AVs accepted in previous instances of the Adelaide AV National cannot be entered again into this Adelaide AV National.

5. Entry is open to all AV authors resident in the Commonwealth of Australia and its Territories and also from financial APS members resident overseas.

6. The Summary on the entry form is for use by the organisers and will not be taken into account by the judges in their assessment.

7. The judges’ decision is final and neither the organisers or anyone else may alter that decision.

8. AVs that achieve an Acceptance (which includes all awards) may subsequently be viewable from the APS website via the APS YouTube Channel. Authors are encouraged to ensure that their entry satisfies the YouTube copyright requirements, especially as this will generally satisfy rule 9(a) below with respect to music copyright for this exhibition's purposes.

9. Submission of an AV explicitly indicates that the author:

a. Is legally entitled to use whatever content is contained within their production, and that there are no legal impediments to the inclusion of such material.

b. Indemnifies the APS and the competition organisers against any claims whatsoever arising from their entry.

c. Gives APS permission for the AV to be shown publicly or on the APS website and publication of a representative image in an approved APS magazine.

d. Retains copyright of their creation.

e. Understands and accepts these rules as the conditions of entry and all judges’ decisions. The exhibition organisers may provide APS with details of breaches of these conditions of entry. APS retains the right to impose sanctions on entrants deemed to have repeatedly breached the conditions of entry of any APS approved exhibition.

10. Principles for an acceptable AV:

a. The author's original photographs are the essential components of an Audiovisual (AV).

b. Additional components that can contribute to an AV include: other still images, video clips, simulated movement, transitions, text, music, sounds, script, poetry and voiceovers. All forms of simulated movement, special effects and animations derived from still images are acceptable and differentiated from video clips.

c. Video clips should only be included if they are important to the story, with an aggregate duration not exceeding 20% of the running time of the AV.

d. Generated Images (GIs) are considered to be third-party images, defined here as images generated using tools such as graphic-design, computer-aided design and generative-AI applications which have not been substantially derived from an original photograph captured by the author.

e. The Author's Contributions are those components created by the author but exclude all GIs.

f. Third-Party Contributions are those components not created by the author, including all GIs, and should only be included if they are important to the story and it was not possible for the author to have photographically captured those images.

g. Judging will focus on the storytelling, emotional impact or artistic merit of the AV, particularly when influenced by the Author's Contributions.

h. All significant Third-Party Contributions to the AV must be appropriately credited at the end of the AV. Credits for the Author's Contributions, which is optional, must also be at the end of the AV.

i. AVs must be in MP4 file format using a H.264 codec.1920 x 1080 pixels is the preferred resolution, but lower resolutions, down to 1024 x 683 pixels with a minimum 3:2 aspect ratio, are acceptable.

j. AVs cannot be more than 12 minutes in duration. After completing the online entry form and fiche and finalising payment, AVs must be sent via: to  
Entires must be sent via to

Enquiries can be made to:
David Shetliffe
Director | Adelaide AV National

For futher information Email => David Shetliffe