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Australian Interstate Photographic Competition (AIPC)


The Australian Interstate Photographic Competition is not an APS Competition as such. However, APS has a co-ordinating role and provides Herbert Bronze Medallions to the winning exhibit in each section and Merit Certificates to the top five exhibits in each section, as well as the Alan Moran Trophy for the winning State or Territory.

The Alan Moran trophy perpetuates the name of the APS’s first Secretary and was established in 1989 when the annual competition was known as the Allied Camera Clubs competition.

Each State and Territory of Australia is eligible to submit an entry each year with the organisation of the competition rotating around to coincide with the State or Territory in which APSCON is being held. Since 1997 most States and territories have supported the competition regularly.

Each State or Territory’s entries comprise monochrome and colour prints and digital images selected from submissions by members of photographic clubs in their State or Territory. The six State Bodies that co-ordinate photographic clubs in their States look after the selections in the States. In the ACT, the Canberra Photographic Society co-ordinates the selection with assistance from other functioning clubs. The lack of photographic clubs in the NT has made it difficult for that Territory to submit an entry for some years.

Acceptances in a State or Territory entry earn points towards APS Honours for the authors.

Whilst the larger States, with more clubs, have an advantage in that they have more works to select from, it has not always followed that they win the Trophy. The smaller States and Territories benefit from the challenge of seeking to obtain results that might be seen as higher up the ladder than they might naturally expect.

The images, both prints and digital, are all displayed each year during APSCON and a catalogue is made available to all entrants. Whenever possible, the Trophy, Medallions and Certificates are presented at APSCONs following the screening of the digital entries.

The winners of the Alan Moran Trophy since 1989 have been:

2020  New South Wales 2019  Victoria
2018  New South Wales 2017  New South Wales
2016  New South Wales 2015  New South Wales
2014  Victoria 2013  n/a
2012  n/a 2011  Queensland
2010  Queensland 2009  New South Wales
2008  New South Wales 2007  New South Wales
2006  New South Wales 2005  New South Wales
2004  New South Wales 2003  New South Wales
2002  Queensland 2001  Queensland
2000  Victoria 1999  Victoria
1998  Victoria 1997  South Australia
1996  Victoria 1995  New South Wales
1994  New South Wales 1993  South Australia
1992  South Australia 1991  Victoria
1990  Victoria 1989  New South Wales