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  • Open
  • Mono
  • Nature
  • Birds (Nature definition applies)
  • Minimilism
  • Shadows (Mono or Colour)


 Competition Opens:  1 September 2024
 Competition Closes:  15 October 2024
 Judging Period: 17 October - 8 November 2024
 Results Notification:  20 November 2024


• Presented to the Gold, Silver and Bronze placing in each section (Herbert Medallion).
• APS Silver plaque for the most successful exhibitor.
• At the discretion of the judges acceptances in each section that have not received a placing, may be awarded a Merit.
• VIRTUAL JUDGING will be used with judges in different locations within Australia.
• Acceptances gained in this exhibition may be applied towards APS honours.


Open, Nature and Birds
David Burren FAPS SAPS

Mono, Shadows and Minimalism
Ralfe Brown AFIAP AAPS
David Norris EFIAP/b FAPS

General Rules & Requirements


  1. Entries will be accepted from residents of the Commonwealth of Australia and its Territories and from APS member's resident overseas.

  2. Unless otherwise specified, permission to reproduce entries in the catalogue for publicity and distribution purposes will be assumed but the author retains the copyright to their images.

  3. Each entrant will receive a report and details of acceptance or awards. The report and catalogue will be available on the website in PDF format and the report details will be forwarded to the email address supplied on the entry form.

  4. A maximum of FOUR IMAGES may be submitted in each section. No Image shall be entered in more than one section of the exhibition.

  5. An image accepted in any previous APS National Exhibition may not be entered into this Exhibition. We want to see your new images.

  6. All images must have been taken by the Entrant.

  7. Images must have a photographic origin and entrants must hold the copyright for the images.

  8. Entries and entrant details can only be accepted electronically via the entry form on the website.

  9. Entries submitted by email or CD's cannot be accepted.

  10. The organising committee reserve the right to call for the original digital image file if any doubt arises to the authenticity of any submitted photograph. Failure to acknowledge the committees request or submit the image may result in the disqualification of that entry.

Image Information

• The filename must not have more than 48 characters including spaces and the .jpg extension. Do not include any other information in the filename or on the image.

• The maximum horizontal dimension is 1920 pixels and the maximum vertical dimension is 1200 pixels for each image, inclusive of any border.

• Each image file should be in the sRGB. JPEG-format and a maximum of 2mb in file size.

• IMAGES should be EITHER 1920 pixels wide (horizontal), OR 1200 pixels high (vertical), OR 1200 pixels high and wide (square), depending upon orientation.
• IMAGE TITLES -  Each image must have a unique title. Images without a title will not be judged.  Images must not include “.jpg” or “.jpeg” in the main title. Examples:
✅  “titlexxxx.jpg” is acceptable
❌  “titlexxxjpg.jpg” is not acceptable
❌  “titlexxx.jpg.jpg” is not acceptable

• Words such as “untitled” or “no title” are not acceptable as part of or all of an image’s title, nor are camera capture filenames or titles consisting of only numbers.
• Titles must use the English alphabet and can contain no more than 90 characters (including spaces). Image titles may be in a foreign language, but the English alphabet must be used.
• The titles of digital images should be exactly as you want them to appear in the catalogue.
• No title or identification of the maker shall be visible anywhere on the face of an image or print mount. or in the exif data

• For judging purposes images will be displayed exactly as submitted and as such the image should be uploaded in the correct orientation. Organisers will not alter, resize or rotate images. It is the responsibility of each entrant to ensure uploaded images and accompanying data are correct. Images and their accompanying entry details which do not meet the entry criteria may be rejected for judging.

Definitions and Entry can be found on the upload page - Click Here

Entrance Fee

  • Entry is $10 to current FIN members of the Australian Photographic Society.
  • For non members of APS an entry fee of $30 applies.

Exhibition Contacts

Exhibition Co-Ordinator
Jeffrey Venning  >> Email Jeffrey Venning EFIAP MAPS EPSA SSAPS