MOTION 4812 (passed by MC 16 November 2023)
 In acknowledgement of the evolving impact of AI on competition photography, the following Image Conditions are to apply to all APS National Exhibitions
 effective 1  January 2024. 

1.    Image Source
1.1. APS Competitions are based on photographs defined as a visible image originating from the action of light or other forms of radiant energy upon a photographic medium or device.  For example: a film or digital camera or digital scanner.
1.2. Digital or print images submitted must have a photographic origin.
1.3. Images created solely within a computer environment are not eligible for APS Competitions.

2.    Image Authorship
2.1. The author is defined as the original maker of the first image/s as per 1.1 and 1.2.
2.2. Entrants must be the author of any image/s and all parts thereof submitted into an APS Competition.
2.3. All parts of the image or images must have been ‘photographed’ by the author. 

3.    Post-Production
3.1. Images must comply with any image or post-production restrictions or rules specified in any APS Competition. 
3.2. Post-production processing must be under the direct control of the photographer, whether that processing is manual such as cloning, painting, dodging, etc or automated such as using filters or plugins.
3.3. ‘Content-aware Fill’ or similar modification that is entirely based on pixels in the original image/s and which does not extend the image beyond its original boundaries is ‘acceptable’.
3.4. ‘Generative Fill’ or other processes that use content generated by software from written prompts or developed from the work of others is ‘not acceptable’.

Q&A examples:

Can I still create Composite Images
Yes, the conditions around creating a composite image remain unchanged.  For example:

  • Replacement skies can be used provided the replacement sky is an image taken by the entrant
  • An image can have many elements (boats, buildings, people, water, skies,) from many different images combined into one image using manual processing  such as cloning, painting, dodging, etc., or automated such as using filters or plugins provided each element was taken by the entrant (photographer).

Can I expand the physical size of my image by adding to the top, bottom or side of my image (ie: adding extra sky to the top, or grass to the bottom)?

  • Allowable, provided the expansion is using existing elements of your image and complies with 3.1.

Can I use Generative Fill, or similar, to create or remove an object (person, flora or fauna, building, scenery effect etc) in my image?

  • This is not allowable if you use content generated by software from written prompts or developed from the work of others.  For example:
    • Removing an ‘unnecessary’ tree that is replaced with existing associated imagery is allowable.
    • Removing a person and replacing them with a ‘dog on a lead’ is not allowable.
      Removing the background of an existing bush scene and using text asking for a ‘beach background scene’ to be added is not allowable.
    • Using generative fill to ‘add a waterfall’ to a scene where the waterfall is not part of an image taken by the photographer is not allowable.
    • Turning a summer scene into a winter scene that introduces snow that was not part of an image taken by the photographer is not allowable.
  • It is acknowledged that this is an area of rapid change and perhaps the most contentious Condition.  If you are uncertain ask yourself does my image being submitted meet in particular Conditions  1.2, 2.2 and 3.2.

Will APS offer new AI type competitions or sections within competitions?
APS at some stage may offer creative competitions with less restrictions on the source and applications of AI images and software.  However, if we do, they will be subject to their own rules and conditions as the use of AI in this context is beyond our current Image Source and Image Author Conditions.