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Entry Fee: $10 per Sequence

  Entries Close Wednesday, 2nd November 2022 (23:59)
 Judging Saturday, 5th November 2022
 Online Exhibition
Sunday, 13th November 2022
 Catalogues & Awards Saturday, 3rd December 2022

Judging panel:

  • Dale Murphy AV-AAPS FAPS
  • Alia Naughton AV-AAPS CAPS/b SAPS
  • Steven Mullarkey



  • 1st Place APS Gold Medallion
  • 2nd Place Silver Plaque
  • 3rd Place Bronze Medallion
  • Herbert Medallions for excellence in various areas for audio visual production, best novice entry
  • Merit Ribbons
  1. This is an open competition; there are no restrictions on subject matter.
  2. All entries will be judged primarily on their storytelling, emotional impact or artistic merit.
  3. AVs must be in MP4 file format only. Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) is the preferred AV resolution, but lower resolutions, down to 1024 x 683 pixels with a minimum 3:2 aspect ratio, are acceptable.
  4. Author and co-author names, if used, should be at the end of the AV. Appropriate credit must be given to the work of other artists used, i.e. music, poetry, third-party images, etc.
  5. Third-party images should be used only where they are important to the story and where it was not possible for the author to have captured those images.
  6. Video clip inserts are allowed in AVs but must not exceed 20% of the total duration of the AV. This limit excludes simulated motion, timelapse photography, computer-generated transitions or other similar mechanisms designed to simulate movement, which are all acceptable AV components.
  7. Those who have not received a 1st or 2nd place in a national AV competition, or an Acceptance in an international AV competition, may enter the Novice section.
  8. AVs accepted in previous AV Spring Nationals cannot be entered again.
  9. Entry is open to all photographers resident in the Commonwealth of Australia and its Territories and also from financial APS members resident overseas.
  10. Entries will not be returned. AVs not accepted will be deleted by the organisers.
  11. The Summary on the accompanying fiche is for use by the organisers and will not be taken into account by the judges in their assessment.
  12. Judges’ decisions are final and neither organisers nor anyone else may alter those decisions.
  13. Submission of an AV explicitly indicates that the author:
    1. Warrants that they are legally entitled to use the content within their AV.
    2. Indemnifies APS and the competition organiser against any claims whatsoever arising from their entry.
    3. Gives APS permission for the AV to be shown in public or on the APS website and publication of a representative image in an approved APS magazine.
    4. Retains copyright of their original works.Understands and accepts these rules as the conditions of entry and all judges’ decisions. The exhibition organisers may provide APS with details of breaches of these conditions of entry. APS retains the right to impose sanctions on entrants deemed to have repeatedly breached the conditions of entry of any APS approved exhibition


An author may submit up to 4 AVs. The entry fee for 1 AV is $10 per sequence.



ENTRIES MUST BE UPLOADED TO:   www.wetransfer.com   Send to  dalefmurphy@gmail.com

        Exhibition Director: Dale Murphy AV-AAPS FAPS