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Australian Cup

Australian Cup 2019 22018 RESULTS


The great Australian Photographic Challenge is on. We are looking for the best images from Australian Photographic Club members, both as a club, and as individual photographers. This is an opportunity for clubs to showcase their best work and to promote themselves. There will be recognition at the highest level with the awards being presented at the APSCON Annual Awards dinner. There will be 10 awards for clubs and 29 awards for individual photographers presented, and the judging will be done by professionals.

OPENS - 1st March 2019    CLOSES - 25th May 2019

    pdf Australian Cup 2019 - Download Brochure (4.03 MB)



Each club, APS member or non APS member, may enter the competition at

The upload must be completed by 25th May 2019.


  1. 20 PHOTOS PER CLUB ARE MANDATORY using the following limits;
    • 1 image per person for clubs with more than 75 members,
    • 2 images per person for clubs with less than 75 but more than 40 members,
    • 3 images per person for clubs with less than 40 but more than 20 members,
    • 4 images per person for clubs with less than 20 but more than 10 members,
    • 5 images per person for clubs with less than 10 members.
  2. Australian Clubs only are permitted to participate.
  3. Authors may only enter with one club.
  4. Coherency between photos is not required.
  5. Images entered in previous Australian Cup competitions will not be accepted.
  6. Any subject (colour or mono) is acceptable but no images of a pornographic nature will be accepted.


  • Noel Clark EFIAP FAPS PSQA
  • Pia Jessen EFIAP/s GMAPS
  • John North EFIAP/s GPUcrn FAPS SAPS PSQA
  • Margaret O’Grady EFIAP/s GMAPS SAPS PSQA (Chair)


Awards are as follows:

  1. All images entered and individual awards will be eligible to count as national acceptances and awards towards APS Honours.
  2. 2019 APS Australian Cup for Australian Photographic Clubs awarded to the “Best Club” (club with the most points).
  3. APS Gold medal for the club ranked second.
  4. APS Silver medal for the club ranked third.
  5. APS Bronze medal for the club ranked fourth.
  6. Six APS honourable mentions for the clubs ranked 5th to10th.
  7. The authors of the club ranked first receive an honourable mention.
  8. One APS gold medal, two APS silver medals and three APS bronze medals will be awarded to works of exceptional quality, independently of the club´s classification.
  9. Each judge will also choose their personal favourite.
  10. Each author can only receive one prize


  • APSCON 2019 in September will host the exhibition of awarded images and the awards ceremony. Catalogues sent out October 2019.


  • Lesley Downie Photographer M.Photog VI (AIPP), APP.L, M.Photog (NZIPP) 
  • Francis Souter AIPP Photographer and owner of Francis Souter Photography 
  • Tristam Evison AIPP Photographer and co-owner of Enigma Visions Photography 
  • Reserve: John North EFIAP/s GPUcrn FAPS SAPS PSQA


  • Open               1st March 2019
  • Close               25th May 2019
  • Judging            8th June 2019
  • Results            30th July 2019


  • A maximum of 1920 x1200 pixels 2mb maximum 2 when the image is viewed in the correct orientation.   


• $40 per club payable on entry.  (Only $2.00 per Image).


• Margaret O’Grady EFIAP/s GMAPS SAPS PSQA  >>Email Margaret