Photo Book Awards

Presented by APS Print Group and;

MomentoPro Dark 500


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across two categories: “Portfolio” and “Storytelling”

1st  Prize in each category: $350 voucher

2nd  Prize in each category: $250 voucher

3rd  Prize in each category: $150 voucher


A Cash pool of $500


  • Entry is FREE and open to all APS members and camera club members. 
  • Entries must be submitted as printed books, using a printer of your choice.
  • One book may be entered in each category.
  • There is no limit to the size, format, or number of pages.

Send or deliver entries to Yvonne Hill at 67 Sugars Rd, Bellbowrie QLD 4070 by 15 October 2021

For further details contact Paul Balfe - or 0404 822 317

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COVID UPDATE:  Momento Pro are facing significant production delays as a result of the current COVID restrictions. At present Momento Pro can only accept standard book orders. Inkjet book orders are not available at this time. To discuss printing of your book, contact Momento Pro at or phone 1300 650 127.Entrants can still get their books printed by Momento Pro in time to meet the 15 October deadline for the APS Photobook Awards, but to do so they will need to:

1. Place their orders no later than 15 September; and

2. Notify Momento Pro by email or phone as soon as their orders are placed.

This will allow Momento Pro to tag the orders in their system to ensure they are completed on time, allowing entrants to receive their books in time to then submit them for the APS Photobook Awards.

Due to the changing nature of COVID restrictions, these arrangements may have to change for reasons beyond Momento’s control, in which case they will advise us accordingly.

Entrants who plan to use other photobook printing services should check with their chosen printer to find out what impacts COVID restrictions may be having on their production and delivery timelines.


Category Definitions

There are two categories in the APS Momento Pro Photo Book Awards, “Portfolio” and “Storytelling”.

Entries in the Portfolio category will typically reflect an overarching theme or subject that is explored through the artist’s choice of images. Entries in the Storytelling category will typically follow a story line illustrated by the artist’s choice of images and their sequencing. That said, it is quite possible for a photo book to fit into either category if, for example, it presents thematically-related images that tell a story. In such cases the author is free to enter their work in either category.

The following explanations provide further guidance on choosing the most appropriate category for your photo book entry.


A collection of images that stand together, typically illustrating a specific subject or topic. Text may be included but is not a compulsory element. The selection of images may showcase varieties of form, characteristic behaviours, different moods or any other aspects of the subject that the author wishes to portray. Ideally, the selected images will work together so that the portfolio has a visual impact “greater than the sum of its parts”. Judging criteria include excellence and fitness for purpose in photography; selection and sequencing of images; design, layout and typography.


A collection of images that stand together to present a story or narrative. Images are typically chosen and organised to illuminate the story that the author wishes to tell. Text may be included to augment the narrative but is not a compulsory element. In addition to excellence and fitness for purpose in photography, selection and sequencing of images, design, layout and typography, the judges will give weight to the originality of concept and design as well as an engaging visual narrative.


You may include your name on your book as the author.

Presentations will be made via Zoom on 27th October, further details to be advised.


Momento Pro photo book discounts
Should you choose to print your photo book with Momento Pro, join their Club Program to receive a 30% discount on your first order then 10% off all other orders.  Order before 15 September to receive your book in good time to submit it before the competition deadline of 15 October.  Download the software, view the range and claim your discount by visiting this link.

Host a Camera Club Photo Book Competition
Extend your member’s photographic skills and showcase their creativity by hosting a photo book competition at your local camera club.  Read our quick guide on hosting a photo book competition and be inspired by the winning photo books below. Momento Pro is offering voucher prizes, just email with your request.