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Frequently Asked Questions


Which camera can I use?
You can use any movie making device, from your DSLR, mobile phone or camcorder.

How long should the movies be?
As long or as short as you like.

I am a member of the APS Movie Division, how do I upload my movie?
You must upload it to Vimeo or Youtube then email the secretary the url of your video. Alternatively you may send a copy to the Secretary on cd and it will be done for you.

What editing software can I use?
There is a plethora of software out in the marketplace from very easy to semi and semi professional, free and expensive. I would recommend for those of you starting out, that you begin with a simple program, then work your way up as your skill levels grow. For PC users Windows Movie Maker is not only free but a very good first step. For Mac users iMovie does much the same thing. For those of you with greater skills, the most popular would be Adobe Premier and Corel VideoStudio for PCs and Final Cut Express / Pro for Macs. There will be no restrictions on which editing software you choose to use.