The FIAP Biennials are competitions between the representative FIAP affiliated photographic organisations from countries around the world. Each country selects images from photographers within it’s organisation’s membership to represent their country. Images in the competition itself are awarded points and the full set of images from that country are also awarded points for cohesion, as each country must enter a themed set of images. There are awards and placings for the most successful countries, and individual awards are also made for specific images. Those people, whose work is chosen to represent their country in this inter country competition, can count their selected image towards their APS honours. If the image then goes on to achieve a score of at least 8 when judged in the Biennial itself, it can also be counted on FIAP Distinctions applications.

A theme will be set for the Australian entry for each Biennial and advertised to APS members via E-News. APS members are encouraged to submit images, fitting the chosen theme, for possible selection at the applicable time. Submission details and forms will be available for download below as they become available. For any queries concerning the Biennials, please contact the relevant Coordinator shown below.

As the name implies, each Biennial is held every second year, alternating years.

Even years
Black and White Biennial (Print Section Only)
Nature Biennial (Print Section and Projected Image Section)

Odd years
Colour Biennial (Print Section and Projected Image Section)


Nature Biennial 2024 – Print and Digital

Coordinator: Brian Russell EFIAP FAPS
Email: Brian Russell EFIAP FAPS

 Nature Biennial 2024 small banner

NOW OPEN - Submit Photos Your Photos for Possible Selection for the APS Team Entry!

  pdf APS Nature FIAP Biennial Image Submission Form 2024- PDF Format.pdf (251 KB)  

document APS Nature FIAP Biennial Image Submission Form 2024 - Word Format.docx (130 KB)

Closing date: 15th February 2024 (midnight)


Colour Biennial – Print and Digital
This Biennial will next run in 2025.
Coordinator: Paul Robinson AFIAP FAPS SAPS

Australia did not participate in the 2023 competition due to receiving an insufficient number of participants.



Black and White Biennial
This Biennial is for prints only. This Biennial will next run in 2024.
Coordinator: David Norris EFIAP/b FAPS
Email: David Norris EFIAP/b FAPS


pdf Black and White Biennial Results 2022 (1.10 MB)