FIAP Distinctions (Honours)

In order to honour eminent personalities known in the field of photography, the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) have a number of distinctions they award:

• For photographic artists known for their artistic work;
• For those who, by their work or their achievements, have contributed to the progress of FIAP or of photography in general.

APS is responsible for the initial administration of these applications within Australia and for transmitting them to FIAP for appraisal. FIAP Distinctions are completely independent of the APS Honours however the verification of salon results and initial processing of FIAP distinctions, within Australia, are administered by the APS. The decision whether or not a FIAP distinction is awarded rests with FIAP.

The FIAP Distinctions for Photographic Artistry

Excellence FIAP EFIAP
Excellence FIAP Bronze EFIAP/b
Excellence FIAP Silver       EFIAP/s
Excellence FIAP Gold EFIAP/g
Excellence FIAP Platinum EFIAP/p
Excellence FIAP Diamond 1 EFIAP/d1
Excellence FIAP Diamond 2 EFIAP/d2
Excellence FIAP Diamond 3 EFIAP/d3


The photographic artistry distinctions, with the exception of MFIAP, are awarded to photographic artists whose photographic works have been acknowledged through acceptances and, in higher levels, awards in international salons under FIAP Patronage. Each level must be sought in consecutive order with the exception of MFIAP, which may be sought once and applicant has held their EFIAP for at least 3 years.

FIAP Distinctions Audio-Visual

Artist FIAP / Audio-Visual AV-AFIAP
Excellence FIAP / Audio-Visual AV-EFIAP
Excellence FIAP / Audio-Visual Bronze AV-EFIAP/b
Excellence FIAP / Audio-Visual Silver AV-EFIAP/s
Excellence FIAP / Audio-Visual Gold AV-EFIAP/g
Excellence FIAP / Audio-Visual Platinum AV-EFIAP/p
Master FIAP / Audio-Visual AV-MFIAP


In order to honour eminent personalities known in the field of Audio Visuals, the International Federation of Photographic Art has created the above distinctions for artists practicing Audio-Visuals

FIAP Distinctions for Services

Excellence FIAP for Services Rendered ESFIAP
Honorary Excellence FIAP HonEFIAP


Lodgement and Closing Dates

The closing date by which most Australian FIAP Distinctions applications must be lodged with APS each year is 28th February.  Applicants for MFIAP applications and Service Distinctions close earlier on the 15th December as, unlike the other distinctions, these applications are only assessed by FIAP once a year.

It should be noted that the FIAP application documents to be used are Excel spreadsheets that must be lodged in digital format on the official FIAP forms.

For detailed information regarding the requirements for the different FIAP Distinctions, and full application documents, please proceed to the FIAP Distinction Downloads page. It is preferred that you read your documents carefully prior to making contact with your questions.

As FIAP can make changes to their Distinction requirements or application documents, at any point in time, it is essential that intending applicants register their intent to apply for FIAP Distinctions. This will ensure applicants are added to our contact list to receive any updates for the upcoming year’s application round. A registration page will come up when you proceed to the FIAP Documents Download page. Alternatively, you can make contact with the FIAP Liaison Officer - Email: Bronwen Casey EFIAP/p MAPS ESAPS ESFIAP.