As of January 2019, anyone wishing to apply for FIAP Distinctions and/or Purchase a FIAP Photographers Card needs a MyFIAP Profile.


You are required to hold a FIAP Photographers Card to:

  • Apply for FIAP Distinctions
  • Attend a FIAP Congress
  • Participate in a FIAP PhotoMeeting

Please follow the directions below, according to your particular scenario.

MyFIAP Profile Account

Anyone wishing to purchase or replace a FIAP Photographers Card needs to have a MyFiap Profile account.  You also require a MyFIAP Profile account if you are applying for FIAP Distinctions. A MyFIAP profile is set up once only and retained for life. If you don’t already have a MyFIAP FIAP Photographers profile account, this is your first step.

  1. Go to
  2. A short instructional video re setting up your profile and ordering FIAP Cards can be found there. Watch the video before proceeding.
  3. You will need to upload a profile photo of yourself. This photo will also be used for your FIAP Card if you need to order one. The photo must be a head shot and must be 2.7x3.4cm vertical image with a resolution of 300ppi.
  4. You will be allocated a FIAP Photographers number (FP profile number). You should store this and your password carefully for future login to the MyFIAP website. You will also need to cite your FP number on any future FIAP Distinctions application.
  5. If you already hold Distinctions, you still need a myfiap profile for a new Distinctions application. You will need to insert your most recent FIAP Card number when setting up this profile. If you cannot locate your card, please contact the FIAP Liaison Officer who may have a record of the card number.

Purchasing Your First FIAP Card

This will apply to those intending to apply for their first FIAP Distinctions. It will also apply to those who wish to attend the FIAP events mentioned above, who do not hold FIAP Distinctions. You can apply for this card at any time of year.

If you are applying for your first FIAP Distinction, it is best not to apply for a card until you are about to lodge your application and are sure you are eligible for the Distinction AFIAP.

  1. Set up your MyFIAP Profile Page as above.
  2. Order and pay for your card, plus postage, directly through that website. FIAP will post the card direct to your home address.
  3. You will also be emailed your FIAP Photographer Card Number immediately after purchasing your card. This is a different number to the FIAP Photographers Number (FP Profile Number, ) you received when you set up your MyFIAP profile account. The emails containing your FP number and FIAP Card number, and the physical card when it arrives in the mail, should be stored carefully as you will need these two numbers every time you lodge a FIAP Distinctions application and will need your FIAP Card number to attend FIAP events. It is costly to replace a FIAP card so don’t lose it!!

Have Gained New FIAP Distinctions - Updating your Distinctions on your FIAP Card

From 2021, all applicants who achieve a new Distinction will receive a replacement FIAP Photographers Card from FIAP with the Distinctions on the card updated. This will happen automatically with no need to place an order and no further payment. The cards will be sent to the APS office from where they will be posted to you. At the time of applying for your Distinctions, you should ensure you are happy with your profile photo on the myfiap website as this is the photo FIAP will use on your FIAP Card. If you wish to change the photo, please do so before the 28th Feb closing date for Distinctions!


You Applying for a FIAP Distinction but have lost your previous FIAP Card

Before proceeding to purchase a new card to replace a lost card, please note the following:

a) If you already have a myfiap profile account, your FIAP Card number is shown in your "My Account" page. This is all you require for lodging a new FIAP Distinction application. Your card will be automatically replaced at no further cost when your Distinction is approved.

b) If you have lost your FIAP Card and don't have a myfiap profile, please contact the FIAP Liaison Officer. They have a record of the card numbers from several of the recent years. As per point (a) you only need the card number to apply for FIAP Distinctions and your physical card will be replaced.

c) If you have lost your card and no record of it can be found then you will need to order a new card. Proceed as below.

Replacing Lost FIAP Cards

A new type of FIAP Card became available in 2016. The previous card is still valid and can be used to apply for Distinctions or attend FIAP Events. You can replace your old card with the new card type if you would like to but it’s not free. Orders can be placed at any time of year and the process is the same regardless of whether you hold Distinctions or not.

Please set up a MyFIAP profile account, if you don’t already have one, and follow steps on myfiap to place the card order. You pay FIAP direct during this card order process and payment includes postage. The card is posted directly to you.