Is this the group for you ?

This group within the Australian Photographic Society caters for a wide range of individual interpretations of photographic imaging.

  • Are you exploring your own personal approach to photography?
bsmith levelsofambiguity
from the series "Levels of Ambiguity" - Barb Smith
  • Are you seeking to illustrate concepts, rather than simply creating a striking or pretty picture?
  • Are you working on your own themes, rather than producing one-off images?
  • Are you visiting contemporary art and photography galleries, developing your awareness of the range of photography being produced today and its place in the wider art scene?
  • Are you interested in exhibiting in a gallery environment, individually or as part of the group?
  • Are you stretching the boundaries of your photography?
  • Are you prepared to face new challenges with your photography?
  • Are you prepared to "break the rules" with your photography?
  • Are you interested in using photography as a part of mixed media images?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you would be most welcome to join the Contemporary Group of APS. Within this group you will find others with whom to exchange ideas and images.

Contemporary Group is committed to providing the opportunity for members to exhibit together and we have held several exhibitions: some in association with APSCON, the annual convention of the society. Our Councillor Anne O’Connor offers a personal exhibition advice service – see FAQ for holding exhibitions.

We also have a closed Facebook page called "Friends of APS Contemporary Group". To join that group, simply search for it on Facebook then submit a request there to be added as a member, and I will quickly approve the request.

You do not have to be an accomplished contemporary photographer to belong to the Contemporary Group. All you need is the desire to develop your photographic expression and broaden your horizons.

Roger Skinner
Contemporary Group Chairman

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