Digital Group

Effective Immediately - Digital Group Dissolution 24th August, 2021

At the Quarterly Management Committee Meeting 12 August, a decision was made to discontinue the Digital Group.  There has been quite a lot of discussion around this, between the MC members and the Digital Group Council with most of the discussion being related to the Digital Group's purpose.   

Around the end of last year, the then chairperson, Greg Grant, sent an email out to the Digital Group members, asking them what their thoughts were about the group and the group's purpose.  Many replies identified that the group had outlived its purpose. Further action was not taken at the time due to a change in leadership. 

After more recent discussions between MC and the Digital Group Council, it has become clear that, the group’s original purpose is no longer relevant in the current photographic world. Repurposing the group would be difficult because most of the current activities were relevant to all APS members rather than just the Digital Group Members such as Monitor, ADPA and the Australia National Digital Exhibition. Two open folios were still active but again would be quite relevant to all members. 

Therefore effective immediately, the Digital Group will be discontinued.  Unfortunately, no refunds are able to be given to members who have paid recently. 

More information will be available in the upcoming E-News, but all services the Digital Group provided will still be available but to all APS members, including the two folios which will continue with their current members, but most likely will become available to all members, instead of just Digital.