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APS Honours and FIAP Distinctions

The Australian Photographic Society has an Honours system that recognises the skills, effort and achievement of APS members. As member of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), APS also administers applications for FIAP’s honour system, FIAP Distinctions, on behalf of all Australian applicants, including those that are not APS members.

Both organisations have honours that are awarded for photographic excellence and also honours for service to photography.

Both honours systems are independent of one another and applicants may choose to apply for one or both sets of honours. The APS Honours Sub committee handles applications for all APS Honours. FIAP Distinctions are coordinated by the APS FIAP Liaison Officer. FIAP Distinctions, once initially processed in Australia are forwarded to FIAP for assessment.

Information and application forms for the APS Honours and for FIAP Distinction can be found via the specific menu links on this page. Contact names and addresses for the upcoming year’s applications can also be found via these webpages and in the monthly editions of APS E-News from Nov-Feb. Note carefully the address to which your application/nomination should be sent.

Important Advice for All Applicants for Skill Honours/Distinctions.

Carefully store all your exhibition catalogues. These are required at the time of lodging an application for verifying/proving the results you list on your applications. You are advised to always check that your report card matches the catalogue listing and to contact the Exhibition’s Chairman for an official letter detailing your results if you find a discrepancy. Exhibition catalogues that are only available as a website catalogue should be downloaded, and backed up, as soon as possible as these may only be available for a short time. It is essential that you read the "Verification Information” document GGA1, available in APS Honours and FIAP Distinctions Downloads, regarding downloading and use of website catalogues for exhibition results verification.

All images MUST have a name/title or they cannot be accepted into salons with FIAP Patronage. An image’s title MUST remain the same for an image throughout it’s exhibition history. This rule applies to both the APS and FIAP honours systems.

It is recommended that you maintain your results on a list or spreadsheet as you receive your results. This will make completion of your honours application documents quicker and easier.