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Readers have supported Australian Photography magazine for 60 years because it has provided them with relevant, clearly written advice, and offered them a forum to show their images in print, while letting them see inspiring and carefully crafted images from some of the best professional shooters in the business.

Australian Photography is this country's longest established magazine for imaging enthusiasts. It caters to a wide range of readers from beginners new to the world of digital imaging, right through to experienced amateurs needing to update their skills or learn about the latest technology in the field.

Throughout its long history it has been at the forefront of developments in camera technology, but it has also aimed to explain to amateur enthusiasts in clear and concise language how they can improve their picture-taking abilities over a wide range of subjects. Specific areas that Australian Photography covers extensively include landscape shooting, travel, portraiture, and weddings, but the magazine also aims to inform readers about the burgeoning field of digital photography and all its associated peripherals. As well as covering practical topics extensively Australian Photography runs interviews (and seeks tips from) some of the top commercial photographers both in this country and overseas.

The magazine also runs a series of regular interactive columns, including our popular Question & Answer column, and Australia's first (and still most widely supported) reader's images assessment column, Image Doctor. Australian Photography is vital reading for any photography enthusiast, no matter what their level of experience, because it helps them to improve in their favourite pastime.

This publication is available to APS members for only $57.00 with 7 issues per year.




Capture is Australia's top selling professional photography magazine. The bi-annual publication covers all facets of the photography industry and in particular practical issues such as marketing, training, pricing, financial and rights management.

Capture's mission is to help pro photographers grow their business and develop their career. It aims to inspire by showing successful photographers at work and inform by keeping them in touch with the latest techniques and equipment. It reaches the whole photographic community, including editorial, advertising, wedding, photojournalism, events, fashion and portrait photographers, plus assistants and aspiring students - the pros of the future.

No other magazine covers the business and career issues of the pro market as thoroughly as Capture.

A member of the Australian Photographic Society may choose to receive each year two copies of the bi-annual magazine Capture. This is available to members for $15.00 per year.



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E News is the online publication of the APS which delivers monthly to members’ information such as decisions of Management Committee and the reasons why such decisions were made. General matters of interest are also included and all back copies can be accessed on the website by new members joining.

Essentially it brings to the members the happenings within APS that they may be interested in with a notice being sent by email to each member when a new edition is published.

It does not publish how to do articles as these are a matter for the individual Group newsletters which can also be accessed on the website.

Reports from Groups in relation to activities and results from competitions are welcome and details are included in each edition inviting submissions.



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A full member of the Australian Photographic Society may choose to receive each year four copies of the magazine Better Photography. This is available to members for $76.00 per year.