Honours & Distinctions
For Photographic achievement through the exhibition & panel systems.


  • Be gentle, remember applicants may or may not have any idea of process
  • Give them some freedom to find their own style
  • Encourage them to expand on ideas
  • Suggest artists they could explore
  • Thinking about galleries as an outcome, decisions over how this might be can be referred to in an artist statement rather than be provided as absolutes for assessment. It is okay for applicants to say what they would do if money was no object.
  • The Applicant should maintain a record that identifies progress, including concept development and evolution of their visual response, especially for higher awards
  • Tell them how to use other artists in their work
  • Give them permission to refer to other people
  • Allow them the opportunity to justify their own ideas should they want to
  • Suggest ways they can go to justify their own ideas within their work if need be
  • Show them how to reference different artists and explain why
  • Help them with writing concept statements/artist statements
  • Help them to address a concept in an easy way or advanced, based on their ability
  • Remember process can be quite important with new applicants
  • Don't be over critical
  • Don't be too judgemental
  • Always let them know they can ask for help


  • You can ask for feedback/help from more experienced mentors at any time
  • You can always get another opinion about your applicant's progress at any time

It is recommended this happens if you are unsure or would like a second opinion

  • Do not talk about your nominated protégé with anyone, unless you have permission from them to do so - this applies when getting feedback
  • If asked for feedback on another applicant's progress, do not talk to your own protégé about the other applicant, unless you have permission to do so from both mentor & applicant
  • If required, discuss it with the assigned mentor first, so they can approach their client & get their permission
  • If you want to suggest something to another applicant, it should always be through their mentor first
  • Relationships between a mentor and protégé is confidential between parties unless permission is agreed by both to impart information to another person
  • If the relationship between the yourself and your assigned protégé is not working, you can ask for another to be assigned
  • If this has to occur, please make sure it is handled in a professional manner
  • Always remember, it is a learning process for you too
  • This record of progress could be for your records as well
  • Please note that all music used in a presentation must be royalty free or the Applicant has obtained the written right to use that music. This is so that the presentation can be shown on the APS web site and at any public gathering.