Mini Theme Month July 2024

July's Theme is – LIFE INDOORS

What happens when you cannot go outside to work and play. Provide a story about a life indoors. Be creative, be innovative and be unique in your story-telling.

  • Choose your favourite photography area or challenge yourself with something new
  • You will need to clearly describe what you are trying to achieve with your 5 images


    • Images can be taken at any time (use existing image or create new ones); however post-production must be undertaken to create your story between 1st July - 31st July 2024
      • Yes, it is an honour system, we trust you
    • Refer to the Mini Month General Conditions
    • Composite images are permitted for this theme
    • Images will need to be uploaded by the 11th of August 2024

"LIFE INDOORS" Coordinator: Greg McMillan

Online Launch: register for the online launch presentation on Friday 28th June 2024

Register to attend:


This activity is designed to develop knowledge and skills beyond the concept of a single image approach to photography and build towards creating a collection of images for activities such as an AV, photobook or portfolio.

Context and Eligibility

This is a development activity for APS members, so we are promoting it under the APSLearn and therefore it is open only to APS Members.

General Requirements


Participants are to submit a series of five [5] images

  • 5 images on the designated Theme
  • Members are to write a short explanation on their approach to the theme

Individual images are to be 1920 * 1080 and 2mb max.

Images can be uploaded from 15th July to 11th August via an upload button on this page. Please ensure you are logged in.

Judging Criteria

This is a development and learning activity so results do not count towards APS Honours.

The following judging criteria will be used.

  • Criteria 1: Congruency of images – do they connect with each other (max 5 points)
  • Criteria 2: Congruency of images to your text (max 5 points)
  • Criteria 3: Storytelling (max 5 points)
  • Criteria 4: Technical aspect of your images (max 5 points)

Members will receive their score by criteria and their total score.  A maximum 20 points can be achieved.


  • The judge/s will be drawn from APS members with experiences in developing portfolio, story style photography and/or the designated theme
  • Depending on the number of submissions more than one judge may be used.
  • The focus is on encouraging members to participate in this approach and develop their knowledge and skills of story-telling through multiple images

July Judge:  Mel Sinclair M.Photog ANZIPP PSQA

Mel is a highly regarded Queensland based photographer.  Mel has significant experience in photography across many genres.  Formal creative training has contributed to the development of Mel’s attitudes and styles within Contemporary and Traditional Fine Art Photography.  This experience and expertise makes Mel an idea judge for our Life Indoors Theme.  Mel will also provides some insight, hints and tips for entrants to complete this months activity.


  • A 1st, 2nd , 3rd and Honourable Mention Certificates will be provided for each Theme Month.
  • Higher level recipients will also have their images promoted through APS social and editorial activities.

General Conditions:

  • Images can be taken at any time; however the collection must be processed within the designated Theme month
  • Images Entries must originate as photographs (image-captures of objects via light sensitivity) made by the entrant on photographic emulsion or acquired digitally.
  • Images may be altered, either electronically or otherwise, by the entrant; adjustments to enhance images or creatively modify images are allowed providing the underlying photograph is retained in a way that is obvious to the viewer. 
  • Images may not be constructed entirely with a computer, and must be the sole work of the entrant
  • Refer to the specific Theme month for any variation of these Conditions


2024 Program Overview

In 2024 APS will run 3 Mini Theme Months.  Further detail will be provided as we close to each event.  For each of these Themes, will follow the general requirements, judging criteria, general conditions etc outlined above.

March 2024 – Theme: Celebrating Amazing Women.  This theme coincides with International women’s day.  Who do you know who inspires, encourages, is successful, achieves or in your mind, is simply amazing.  Coordinator Margaret O’Grady.

March Results:

Valmae Ypinzar (1st)
Colleen Mahoney (2nd)
Tina Dial (3rd)
Morag Lokan (HM)
Daniela Vavrova (HM)

July 2024 – Theme: Life Indoors.  What happens when you cannot go outside to work and play.  Provide a story about a life indoors.  Be creative, be innovative and be unique in your story-telling. Coordinator Greg McMillan.

October 2024 – Theme: Be newsworthy.  This theme broadly covers a  photojournalism theme but don’t be limited in your imagination.  Mostly importantly, is the story in your images newsworthy?  Coordinator TBC.

Note a 2025 Theme will cover something relating to ‘men’

Annual Award: Based on feedback from the launch, we have also decided to run an annual award for the highest aggregate score over the 3 Themes.  We believe this will encourage participation and reward consistency and development of members skills in this genre of story-telling through images.