pdf 1st Universities & Academies Photographic World Cup.pdf

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pdf 2024 FIAP World Congress in India Itinerary Popular

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The FIAP Congress is open to any photographer to attend providing they hold a FIAP Card, which anyone can purchase. Numbers are limited so register asap when registration opens.

pdf 36th_FIAP_WORLD_CONGRESS_V6 - Registration Form.pdf

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pdf Audio Visual-Conditions & Regulations for Exhibitions with FIAP Patronage Popular

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pdf Conditions & Regulations for Exhibitions with FIAP Patronage - commencing 1st May 2024 Popular

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These new regulations apply to all international salons with FIAP Patronage that have a closing date after the 30th April 2024. Salons with a closing date up to and including this date continue as per the current regulations.

pdf FIAP News magazine - 25th Edition, March 2024

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pdf FIAP World Cup for Clubs - Results for 2023.pdf

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pdf FIAP World Cup for Clubs Regulations 2022 (Updated 17/9/22) Popular

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pdf Important FIAP Information Regarding Pictures Generated By Artificial Intelligence (AI) Popular

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This information document, INFO 260/2023 was sent out by FIAP on the 5th July 2023. Whilst the existing FIAP Patronage Regulations already effectively exclude photos that have been created using artificial intelligence software, this information document ensures it is absolutely clear that such pictures cannot be entered in salons run under FIAP Patronage.

pdf New FIAP/PSA Nature and Wildlife Definition for 2022 Popular

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