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 Yesterdays Headline - SITHOM by Mario Mirabile

The APS Print Group is committed to promoting the printed image, in this age of digital presence the Print Group still believes that an actual printed image has great value.

With today’s technology in print and papers, a print will be there for years to come, where digital files are easily lost, contaminated or the device they are stored on is prone to end-of-life breakdown.

The Printer bi-monthly group newsletter is a developing project, it contains editorial information as well as exciting competitions and opportunities for our members to compete, engage and learn from one another as we develop resources and an information library with content of interest to those who value their own printed images.

A link to our newsletter is here: The Printer



Folios are small groups with a maximum of 10 members. Members in the group send their prints to each other by post for comment. Some folios have a voting system in the round. To join this service or to find out more about it please contact the Print Folio Manager, James Camplin.   Email:  James Camplin