FIAP Patronage Applications For Australian Salons

This page is for Australian Salon/Exhibition organisers who wish to apply for FIAP Patronage for their event.

FIAP Patronage is a form of recognition granted to an international salon. Patronage can only be awarded to events which are accessible to participants from all over the world without restrictions. The event must meet the requirements stipulated by FIAP. Patronage is issued to the salon as a whole, not individual sections so the salon as a whole must meet FIAP's requirements to be awarded Patronage.

Applications are lodged directly with FIAP via their myfiap platform. The initial checks and approval are conducted by the FIAP Operational Member (FIAP affiliated national photographic federation) within the host country. This is generally done by the FIAP Liaison Officer for the Operational Member. Once they have checked the application and approve it to proceed, FIAP themselves then also conduct their checks.

An international salon can only obtain FIAP Patronage if the organisers have already organised at least one event of some importance. This does not need to be a photographic event but it is obviously ideal if it is. Many international salons start as a National exhibition/salon and after a year or two opt to become an international.

It is important to note that there are stipulated lead times by which salons must lodge their Patronage applications. These are detailed in the salon regulations document and vary depending on whether you are seeking Patronage for the first time and also whether you have sections for print entries in your salon. You should work well ahead of these deadlines as the lodgement and approval process can take weeks, especially if changes are needed to your salon regulations by FIAP or other approving bodies.

Documents You Will Need
There are multiple documents you will need to download. These should be read thoroughly BEFORE you approach potential judges, decide on the sections you will offer or finalise your salon dates. The FIAP regulations for photography salons are currently in transition. The new document contains multiple changes and also incorporates some of the updated or added regulations that were previously provided as separate documents. The new regulations apply to salons with a closing date after the 30th April 2024.

The subject definitions are in an appendix section at the rear of the Regulations document. Please note that the new FIAP/PSA Nature definition is still being finalised and will be updated in the appendix soon. In the meantime, the 2022 definition is still applicable and is one of the documents available below. Please also note that FIAP and PSA have different sections for world travel type photos. The new FIAP section is called "World in Focus" and uses a very different definition to the PSA "Photo Travel" section. You cannot have a PSA Travel Section in a salon with FIAP Patronage.

Download the following documents as applicable to your salon.

For photography salons with a closing date BEFORE the 1st May 2024, the following documents apply:
Conditions & Regulations for Exhibitions with FIAP Patronage 
FIAP Requirements For Salons Using Online Judging
pdf Important FIAP Information Regarding Pictures Generated By Artificial Intelligence (AI) (89 KB)

For photography salons with a closing date AFTER the 30th April 2024, the following document applies:
pdf Conditions & Regulations for Exhibitions with FIAP Patronage - commencing May 2024 (513 KB)

For ALL photography salons, the following documents apply:
pdf Sanctions for Breaching FIAP Regulations and "Red List" - Applies from 1st May 2023 (283 KB)  
pdf New FIAP/PSA Nature and Wildlife Definition for 2022 (162 KB)

For Audio-visual salons, the following document applies:
pdf Audio Visual-Conditions & Regulations for Exhibitions with FIAP Patronage (316 KB)

Some Important Things to Note When Planning A Salon

Salon Website, Email Address and Salon Logo
You will need a website and email address for your salon. These will need to be established before you apply for FIAP Patronage as these addresses must be filled in when you set up your myfiap account and must be included in your Patronage application. Designing a distinctive salon logo is also a good idea.

You do not need to have your website complete when you apply for FIAP Patronage but it should be close. It cannot include things such as the final conditions of entry for your salon or the FIAP logo until your FIAP Patronage has been granted.

It is recommended that you set up an email address specifically for salon communication rather than using your personal email address as the salon address will be publically available on your Conditions of Entry and on the website listing of salons that have FIAP Patronage.

It is a good idea to make sure that both your website and email address are able to be passed on to subsequent organisers of your salon. It is also wise to ensure that more than one person on the team is able to access these as a back up in the case of illness or absence of the primary person responsible.

There are multiple requirements that must be taken into consideration when selecting your team of judges. This includes things such as their competency to judge the section and whether they hold a FIAP Distinction. If the judging is online, then there is a requirement to have judges from different countries (see details in the documents). Salon organisers who wish to seek FIAP Patronage must ensure that they do not appointed a person to judge if they are on the FIAP "Red List", a list of people who have been sanctioned by FIAP for breaching the FIAP Salon regulations.

Whilst there are not specific time limits that apply to a salon's event calendar, there are particular things that must be done at each stage and there is a minimum number of days that judges must be given to assess the photos if the judging is done online. It is important to consider all aspects before you set your salon dates.

Salon Recognition/Approval from Other Photographic Organisations
It is common for salons to seek recognition from more than one organisation. Australian Salons seeking FIAP Patronage will need to also seek APS Approval. Approval from the Photographic Society of America (PSA), Global Photographic Union (GPU) and the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) are also commonly sought. Be aware that each organisation may have particular requirements and clauses that must appear in the salon's "Conditions of Entry" (COE) document. All these must be considered when preparing to lodge a FIAP Patronage application such that the COE document upload when lodging the application for FIAP Patronage already has all the required clauses in place to comply with the various organisations from which the salon seeks recognition.

FIAP Red List
The people on this list are there having been sanctioned for breaching FIAP's salon entry rules. Some are listed for three years. Others are listed for life. You must ensure none of your judges or salon entrants are on this list. This list is NOT a publicly available list. It is made available to salon organisers via their salon's myfiap profile page as they need to refer to it for the purpose of ensuring the people on the list are not involved with the salon. It should be treated as available on a "need to know" basis only. The list is not to be shared or the names on the list discussed with others.

Setting Up a MYFIAP Account for the Salon
This is a completely separate account from a photographer's personal myfiap account. It is specific to the salon and access to this account should be passed on if the person initially responsible for the salon's myfiap account changes at any point in time.

FIAP have produced a set of video tutorials to guide you on how to set up your salon's myfiap account and how to complete your salon application via this platform. The website address to register is shown in the tutorials. Here is the link:
FIAP Video Tutorials for Salon Organisers

Application Process
Having carefully read this page and all the documents that are applicable to your salon, and having ensured you meet the prerequiste for seeking FIAP Patronage, proceed as follows:

1) Set up your salon website, email address and salon logo.
2) Set up a myfiap account for the salon after watching the above mentioned video tutorials.
3) Select your judging team. It is essential that you ask them for their most recent FIAP Distinctions and other honours and that you have both their phone number and email address.
4) Prepare your salon's "Conditions of Entry" (COE) document ensuring all the required clauses and information are included.
5) Contact the FIAP Liaison Officer for Australia, via the link in the menu, to let them know your intention to apply for FIAP Patronage, and send them your COE document to check.
6) When your COE document has been finalised, complete your salon FIAP Patronage application via your salon's myfiap account . This can be done across multiple sessions but you must remember to save your changes each time. You will need to upload your COE document.
7) When you have completed your myfiap online application form, save it then click "Submit". This will lock you out of making further changes so please ensure you have finished it first. It is absolutely essential that you have carefully checked every detail, especially your salon email address and website address as once the salon is approved and listed by FIAP, it is extremely difficult have anything amended!!
8) The myfiap system automatically sends a notification to Australia's FIAP Liaison Officer informing them that an application for Patronage has been submitted but, as a back up, please send the FIAP Liaison Officer a brief email to tell them the application has been lodged.
9) The FIAP Liaison Officer will check the online application details and the COE document that you uploaded to myfiap. They will either approve it or may change the status to "Needs Completion" such that you can access the application to make necessary changes and resubmit.
10) When the FIAP Liaison Officer has approved your application, FIAP will then conduct their own checks and, if satisfied nothing needs changing, they will invoice your salon for the Patronage fee and FIAP medal purchase. You pay these fees via your myfiap account.

Once you have paid the applicable fees, FIAP will issue you with your FIAP Patronage number. Your salon will also appear on the official list of salons with FIAP Patronage. It is a good idea to complete the details on your website as soon as you have the Patronage/Approvals from the various organisations even if your entry platform is not yet open.