The tutorials below have been produced to assist APS members who are entering salons and those who wish to apply for FIAP Distinctions.


Finding Salons

A guide to locating international salons that have FIAP Patronage and how to select those to enter.


Preparing Images

Explanation of what image files must be kept and how
to resize image files for salon entry.


Titling Photos

The importance of titling your images and how to title a image for international competitions.


Recording Results

Salon results and establishing an essential but simple spreadsheet to record exhibition achievements.


Distinctions Introduction

Introductory explanation of FIAP Distinctions, and guide to finding the criteria, the documents and registering to apply.


Application Page A

Completing Page A of the Distinctions application form, FIAP Cards and myFIAP logins.


Submitted Images

About the required submission of photographs to the FIAP Collection with Distinctions applications.


Application Page B

Completion and lodgement of Page B of the Distinctions application form.


Salon Circuits

Explaining circuits and counting them on a FIAP Distinctions application.


Page C Introduction

Explanation of the data that goes on Page C of a Distinctions application form.


Constructing Page C

System of selecting salon results for Application Page C to meet Distinction requirements.


Finalising Page C

Completing Application Page C ready for lodgement with a Verifying Officer.