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Getting to Ballarat

By Bus from Tullamarine Airport

Ballarat Airport Shuttle Bus (www.airportshuttlebus.com.au) is the quickest way to get to Ballarat with minimal transport changes from Tullamarine Airport. It will leave you at Ballarat Railway Station - Lydiard Street. Bus Bay 3. To get to the Mercure you will need to take a short Taxi ride to the Mercure or to your hotel. The Mercure is 3km from the station.

Cost:  $69.00 Return  
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes























5:45 am

7:15 am

6:45 am

8:15 am

3.30 am

5.00 am

5.00 am

6.30 am

6:50 am

8:20 am

8:45 am

10:15 am

5.00 am

6.30 am

7.00 am

8.30 am

7:45 am

9:20 am

11:05 am

12:35 pm

5.50 am

7.25 am

9.20 am

10.50 am

8:55 am

10:35 am

12:45 pm

2:15 pm

6.50 am

8.35 am

11.00 am

12.30 pm

10:25 am

11:55 am

2:45 pm

4:15 pm

8.35 am

10.05 am

1.00 pm

2.30 pm

11:55 am

1:25 pm

5:05 pm

6:35 pm

10.05 am

11.35 am

3.20 pm

4.50 pm

1:30 pm

3:00 pm

7:20 pm

8:50 pm

11.40 am

1.10 pm

5.30 pm

7.00 pm

3:00 pm

4:30 pm


1.10 pm

2.40 pm


4:40 pm

6:20 pm


2.50 pm

4.20 pm


6:00 pm

7:30 pm


4.05 pm

5.40 pm


7:50 pm

9:20 pm


6.00 pm

7.30 pm


10:20 pm

11:50 pm


8.30 pm

10.00 pm



By Train from Southern Cross Station on VLine Regional

Spencer Street
Docklands VIC 3008

Cost: $7.70 - $22.20 One Way. Return option only available same day.
Duration: 1hr 13 min - 1hr 30 min

Timetable and pricing varies substantially depending on type of ticket (adult, concession and off/on-peak). You will need a Myki Card.

 Download Timetable       Ticketing & Fare Informtion       Getting a myki Explorer pack 


Driving - Get Directions to Mercure Ballart Hotel & Convention Centre

Triptych Exhibition

APSCON 2018 Triptych Print Exhibition Information

A Triptych Print Exhibition is being held at APSCON 2018. A triptych is a set of three associated works, intended to be appreciated together and displayed on one common background, as one single image. Together the images MUST tell a story.

APS members are invited to submit two works. Each triptych will have three images, in landscape format, with the background measurements being 483mm x 329mm. These images will not be matted and will be attached to the fabric backed display boards with Velcro dots or pins, so please leave a border on your work. Once you are satisfied with your work, please flatten your one submission, and send the file like that. If you are submitting 2 works then both will be flattened before sending.

Triptych Instructions:

1. Subject: Open - must tell a story.
2. Definition: 3 images on one background that tell a story.
3. The triptychs will be professionally printed by “Living Image” in Brisbane.  www.livingimageprint.wordpress.com
4. Limit of 2 triptychs per person
5. Total Cost: $27.50 per print. $20 per print, $7.50 test prints and express postage.
6. Living Image will store all the prints until they are picked up by the committee prior to APSCON.
7. Paper stock used: Subtle Satin (white)
8. Size A3+ (483mm x 329mm) Landscape format
9. Leave a 25mm white border inside that area although they can print to the edges. HOWEVER, the prints will be pinned to a board so you need a white area (the prints will not be matted.)
10. The size of your final image must fit within the A3+.


1. Send an email of your intent to submit to: printing@darrenjew.com
2. You will receive an invoice and further information.
3. Pay for the printing via the invoice details.
4. A small test photo of your triptych will be posted to you.
5. You will need to confirm if the print is acceptable or not.
6. The triptych will then be printed, and stored at Living Image until print exhibition organisers pick them all up together.
7. The Best option 16bit AdobeRGB TIFF file 300dpi at the print size, no layers, no extra channels, no compression (these are very big files and it’s suggested to use Dropbox or a similar service to send these). Almost as good, but much easier to send sRGB JPEG file 300dpi at the print size.
8. The latest you can send your triptychs is the 24th August.

Example of your artboard size.



Below, are some examples of how your images could be arranged to tell the story that you are conveying. The blue background represents the complete file and the white areas represent the images. The background can be any colour that you think suits your images.


Dinner & Show Information

APSCON has historically been a very social event where APS members got to meet each other and create everlasting friendships.  For many of the delegates, it has been a yearly expedition to enjoy their love for  photography and reunite with friends as they include APSCON into their yearly social itinerary.

We have included two very dynamic social dinner and show events that are fun and offer a unique experience as well as ample photo opportunities.

Kryal Castle  - Private Photo Shoot followed by Dinner & Entertainment

Thursday 12th September 5:00pm – 9:30pm
3 Course Meal & Entertainment $55.00 pp
121 Forbes Rd, Leigh Creek VIC 3352

kryal 5

Legendary Land of Myth & Adventure

Amazing Private photoshoot with the Knights and Ladies of the Castle and "Valiant" the stallion followed by a 3 course dinner in the Abbey with entertainment. A medieval themed night with the castle actors providing entertainment during dinner. Bus transport to and from Kryal Castle, departing Mercure Hotel 5.00pm and returning 9.30pm, is included.

kryal castle


Sovereign Hill Dinner & Spectacular New Show

Saturday 14th September 5:30pm – 9:30pm
2 Course Dinner & Show - Cost $107 Adult, $94.20 Concession
Bradshaw St, Golden Point VIC 3350

aura 2

Explore Space

Delve into the Dreamtime, and re-live Australia’s most important rebellion all while travelling under the night sky. AURA is the story of how gold revolutionised Australia.

Atmospheric Storytelling

Over 64 acres, hundreds of stunning projections create an immersive storytelling experience that transports you back in time. The Wadawurrung creation story is told with projections on a magnificent lake, gunfights and protests erupt under the night sky, and the gold rush is brought to life as never before.

Multi-Sensory Experiences

Feel the vibrations as stars explode in front of your eyes, watch as the land is transformed by the gold rush, and dive into the chaos of the Eureka Rebellion as you witness the creation and discovery of the world’s most precious metal.

Open-Air Immersion

AURA is Sovereign Hill’s totally new immersive theatre experience. Designed by Creative Director Andrew Walsh AM and his Accolade Event Management team of local and international talent, AURA features cutting-edge 3D projection technology to be seen only at Sovereign Hill.

A Living Breathing Museum

Before the show, why not spend a day at Sovereign Hill? A town that brings the 1850s gold rush to life. With shops, schools, a theatre and more, Sovereign Hill is Australia’s foremost outdoor museum. See the spectacular $160,000 gold pour, venture underground to explore the gold mines or catch a horse-drawn coach and tour the town. You can purchase your ticket when booking for AURA.

sovereign hill

aura 1